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Xero Degrees Menu | Xero Degrees Cafe | Xero Degrees CP: Xero Degrees is a fast food restaurant chain in India. It was started by Kashish Aneja and Shivam Kakkar in 2018. They currently operate 100 plus outlets in 15 cities.

Xero Degrees is known for mouth-watering and well presented food. Xero’s crazily Indianized western food and mixed their flavours. Xero Degrees serves a wide variety of dishes like burgers, pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, and Garlic Bread.

Xero Degrees also has Indian-inspired dishes, such as Chicken Tikka Pizza, Makhni Paneer Pizza, Tandoori Fries, Butter Chicken Burger, Butter Chicken Garlic Bread etc.

Beside food, Xero Degrees also offers different types of beverages like coffee, tea, milkshakes, Coolers, Hot coffee etc. Xero Degrees menu is reasonably priced, which make it a budget friendly place. Xero Degrees is a popular hangout place among students and colleagues.

Fries In Jar

Butter Chicken Cheesy FriesMasala fries,pizza seasoning,seasoned chicken,makhani sauce,cheese₹323
Cheesy FriesMasala fries, pizza seasoning,thousand island,cheese₹227
Chicken & Cheese FriesMasala fries,seasoned chicken,cheese,thousand island₹311
Chicken Pizza FriesMasala fries,pizza seasoning,seasoned chicken,pizza sauce,cheese₹323
Chicken Tandoori FriesMasala fries,pizza seasoning,seasoned chicken,tandoori sauce,cheese₹335
Chilly X Chicken FriesCrinkle fries,peri-peri seasoning,seasoned chicken,cheese₹335
Chilly X FriesCrinkle fries,peri-peri seasoning,cheese₹299
Classic FriesGolden fried crinkle shaped potato₹203
Mushroom FriesMasala fries,sauteed mushroomthousand island sauce₹251
Non Veg Popcorn FriesMasala fries, Crispy Nonveg Pieces, makhani sauce,cheese₹335
Paneer Popcorn Makhni FriesMasala fries,paneer popcorn,cheese,makhani sauce₹299
Peri Peri Cheesy FriesMasala fries,peri-peri seasoning,cheese,thousand island₹275
Peri Peri Chicken Cheesy FriesMasala fries,peri-peri seasoning,seasoned chicken,cheese,thousand island₹323
Pizza FriesMasala fries,pizza seasoning,pizza sauce,cheese₹251
Tandoori FriesMasala fries,pizza seasoning,tandoori sauce,cheese₹251

Special Pizzas

Butter Chicken PizzaTikka chicken,makhani sauce,bell pepper,capsicum,onion₹419
Cheesy Magherita PizzaCherry tomato,basil,oregano,mozzarella₹311
Chicken & Cheese PizzaSeasoned chicken,pizza sauce,mozzarella₹383
Chicken Dominator PizzaGrilled herb chicken,bell pepper,capsicum,onion₹395
Chicken Tikka PizzaTikka chicken,bell pepper,capsicum,onion₹395
Cow Boy Medley PizzaFlavored nachos,jalapeno,sweet corn, mozzarella₹347
Crispy Peppy Paneer PizzaChipotle paneer,mushroom,capsicum,bell pepper,onion,mozzarella₹371
Golden Corn Delight PizzaSweet corn,onion,mozzarella₹323
Makhni Paneer PizzaTikka paneer,makhani sauce,mushroom,capsicum,bell pepper,onion, mozzarella₹383
Pepperoni Pepper PizzaChicken pepperoni,marinara,basil, mozzarella₹407
Peri Peri Chicken PizzaPeri-peri chicken,capsicum,bell pepper,onion₹407
Peri Peri Delight PizzaPeri-peri paneer,capsicum,bell pepper,onion, mozzarella₹371
Veggie Affair PizzaCapsicum,bell pepper,sweet corn,mozzarella₹335
Xero Chicken Delight PizzaGrilled chicken,tandoori sauce,bell pepper,capsicum,onion₹419
Xero Extravanganza PizzaMushroom,capsicum,bell pepper,broccoli,baby corn,cherry tomato,onion,jalapeno,olive₹383
Xero Degrees Menu

Pizza In A Jar

Non- Veg Pizza In A Jar₹263
Veg Pizza In A Jar₹251


Butter Chicken BurgerTikka chicken breast,makhani sauce,liquid cheese,cheese slice, bellpepper,iceberg₹299
Peri Peri Chicken BurgerPeri peri grilled chicken,chipotle,onion,iceberg₹311
Super Veggie BurgerVegetable patty, chipotle,liquid cheese,cheese slice, iceberg₹239
Tandoori Chicken BurgerTikka chicken breast,chipotle,liquid cheese,onion,iceberg₹299
X – Veg BurgerChili marinated cottage cheese,cheese slice,iceberg₹275
X- Non Veg BurgerChili marinated chicken breast, iceberg,cheese slice₹311
XD Signature Chicken BurgerPeri peri grilled chicken,chipotle,onion,iceberg₹299
XD Signature Paneer BurgerPaneer patty,thousand island,liquid cheese,cheese slice, iceberg₹263
XD Signature Peri Peri BurgerPeri-peri coated vegetable patty, thousand island,cheese slice, iceberg₹275


Big Bang Theory SliderPeri-peri marinated aloo patty,cheese slice,onion,iceberg₹299
Friends SliderCrispy fried peri-peri chicken,chipotle,liquid cheese, iceberg,onion₹335
Game Of Thrones SliderHot & spicy marinated cottage cheese,thousand island,cheese slice, onion,iceberg₹299
Indiana Jones SliderIndian herbed cottage cheese,cheese slice,caramelized onion, mushroom, iceberg₹275
Money Hiest SliderHot & spicy marinated chicken breast,chipotle,cheese slice, iceberg,onion₹323
Sacred Games SliderPeri-peri marinated chicken breast,chipotle,liquid cheese, onion,iceberg₹323


Cheese Monger SandwichCottage cheese,capsicum,bell pepper,mozzarella,cheese slice₹275
Chicken Idea SandwichPeri-peri marinated chicken,onion,bell paper,chipotle,makhni sauce,cheese slice,ice berg₹311
Chicken Tikka SandwichTikka chicken,bell pepper,capsicum,onion₹299
Green Goblin SandwichCharred grill zucchini,mushroom,caramelized onion,ice berg,cheese slice₹275
Juicy Juicy SandwichChicken,liquid cheese,chipotle,onion,iceberg₹311
Peri Peri Paneer SandwichPeri-peri marinated cottage cheese,chipotle,olive,onion,cheese slice₹299
Upper Crust SandwichSpinach,sweet corn,onion,mozzarella,cheese slice,iceberg₹275
Xero Chicken SandwichChicken marinated in homemade spicy sauce,liquid cheese,chipotle,onion,iceberg₹323

Garlic Bread

Butter Chicken Garlic Bread₹335
Cheesy Garlic Bread₹263
Chicken & Cheese Garlic Bread₹323
Exotic Garlic Bread₹275
Peri Peri Paneer Garlic Bread₹299

Gourmet Waffles

Banofee Waffle₹311
Blueberry Waffle₹311
Hot Chocolate Brownie Waffle₹311
Mango Malai Waffle₹311
Nutella Oreo Waffle Jar₹323
Strawberry Waffle₹311


Baked Cheesy NachosNachos,pico de gallo,olive,cottage cheese,liquid cheese,mozzarella₹275
Baked Chicken & Cheese NachosNachos,pico de gallo,olive,chicken cubes,liquid cheese,mozzarella₹335
Mexican Chicken NachosNachos,pico de gallo,olive,chicken cubes,mozzarella₹323
Mexican NachosNachos,pico de gallo,olive,parsley₹263


Arrabiata PastaBell pepper,mushroom,olive,tomato sauce,mozzarella₹275
Barbaresca PastaMushroom,bell pepper,bechamel sauce₹275
Laousiana PastaChicken,mushroom,bell pepper,bechamel sauce₹311
Mama Rosa PastaGrilled chicken,onion,bell pepper,mushroom,tomato sauce,cream₹311
Non Veg Sugo Rosa PastaPeri-peri marinated chicken,onion,bell pepper,mushroom,tomato sauce,cream₹311
Sugo Rosa PastaOnion,bell pepper,mushroom,mix sauce,cream₹275
Non Veg Alfredo Baked PastaMushroom,bell pepper,broccoli,bechamel sauce,mozzarella₹335
Non Veg Pink Sauce Baked PastaOnion,bell pepper,broccoli,tomato sauce,mushroom,baby corn,cream,mozzarella₹371
Veg Alfredo Baked PastaMushroom,bell pepper,broccoli,bechamel sauce,mozzarella₹275
Veg Pink Sauce Baked PastaOnion,bell pepper,broccoli,tomato sauce,mushroom,baby corn,cream,mozzarella₹347


Non Veg Devil Gravy Dumpling₹347
Non Veg Xd Crispy Dumpling₹323
Veg Devil Gravy Dumpling₹323
Veg Xd Crispy Dumpling₹299

Classic Shakes

Black Currant Shake₹263
Blueberry Shake₹263
Butterscotch Shake₹263
Chocolate Shake₹263
Strawberry Shake₹263
Vanilla Shake₹263

Freak Shakes

Alphonso Cocaine Freakshake₹347
Choco Brownie Freakshake₹347
Coco Crunch Freakshake₹347
Nutella Oreo Freakshake₹347
Popcorn Caramel Freakshake₹347
Red Velvet Freakshake₹347


Cucumber Mint
[300Ml approx]
[300Ml approx]
Fresh Lime
[300Ml approx]
Lemon Ice Tea
[300Ml approx]
Ocean Blue
[300Ml approx]
Peach Ice Tea
[300Ml approx]
Spicy Xero Degrees
[300Ml approx]

Hot Coffee

Affogato Coffee₹239
Americano Coffee
[200-250Ml approx]
Cafe Au Latte Coffee
[200-250Ml approx]
Cafe Mocha Coffee₹251
Cappuccino Coffee
[200-250Ml approx]
Dopio Coffee
[200-250Ml approx]
Espresso Coffee
[200-250Ml approx]
Flat White Coffee
[200-250Ml approx]
Flavoured Cappuccino Coffee₹229
Flavoured Latte Coffee
[200-250Ml approx]
Hot Chocolate Coffee₹219
Irish Coffee
[200-250Ml approx]
Macchiato Coffee
[200-250Ml approx]


Xero Degrees is a fast food chain in India. Xero Degrees customised western dishes and served them in modern style. If you are looking for a western fast food in Indian flavours, Xero Degrees is a good option for you. I hope you like our blog Xero Degrees Menu | Xero Degrees Cafe | Xero Degrees CP and also like to read our other blogs.