Virat Kohli Restaurant Menu | One8 Commune Menu

Virat Kohli Restaurant Menu | One8 Commune Menu: One8 Commune is a popular restaurant chain in India, Which is started by Indian cricketer Virat Kohli. Virat Kohli close friend Vartik Tihara runs his restaurant business.

Currently it’s outlets are operating in Delhi, Kolkata, Pune and Mumbai. They are also planning to open more outlets in other cities. One8 Commune is known for its modern and lively atmosphere.

One8 Commune offer Indian, Italian, Continental and Asian cuisines in their restaurants. You can also eat Virat Kohli favourite dishes like Dimsums, Pearl Barley Risotto, Tartar Topped On Avocado and Quinoa Salad. In price point of view it is expensive.

They also organise Live music events in their outlets. One8 Commune is a good place to dine, drink and enjoy with your loved ones.

Here is the Virat Kohli Restaurant Menu | One8 Commune Menu

Virat Kohli Favourite

Superfood SaladRoasted seasonal vegetables, watermelon, mesclun greens pumpkin seeds, amaranth pops, vinaigrette.₹395
Mushroom Googly DimsumAssorted mushrooms and truffle oil dimsum.₹445
Tartar Topped On AvocadoWith Crispy Corn, Sriracha, Scallion₹565
Pearl Barley RisottoMushroom Cream, Truffle Oil, Parmesan, Baby Cress, Fresh₹655
The Red & White Quinoa SaladFresh Avocado, Asparagus, Pomegranate, Cucumber, Mustard Vinaigrette₹445

One8 Commune Plates (Large Plates) Price

Lahori CholeChickpea cooked on slow flame, fresh coriander.₹395
Baked Paneer MasalaTomato cream, fresh coriander.₹455
Highway Dal MakhaniOvernight cooked lentils, melted butter, cooking cream.₹465
Hand Pulled Chicken MakhaniSucculent shredded chicken, melted butter.₹545
Spicy Malvani Chicken CurryFiery curry with coconut base.₹555
Mumbai Dabba GoshtHomestyle mutton curry, fried egg, caramelised onion.₹625
Andhra Mutton CurryBoneless regional mutton curry, curry leaves.₹635
Virat Kohli Restaurant Menu | One8 Commune Menu

One8 Commune Plates (Small Plates) Price

Hummus and ChipsChickpea hummus, olive oil, pita.₹375
Soya Keema PavHand ground soya keema, butter, pav.₹395
Sriracha Paneer ChilliCottage cheese tossed in sriracha sauce, onion, bell peppers, green onion.₹415
Khau Galli Soya Boti Kabab[Veg preparation] Soya boti, tandoori dust, lachha onion, mint chutney.₹435
Tandoori Paneer TikkaMint chutney, lachha onion.₹455
Veg NachosFresh onion tomato salsa, sour cream.₹345
Chicken NachosFresh onion tomato salsa, sour cream, chicken.₹425
Harissa Chicken SkewersBoneless chicken chunks, hummus.₹445
Sriracha Chicken TacoShredded chicken, arugula, sour cream, salsa, Guacamole.₹465
Tandoori Chicken Tikka 2.0Chicken tikka, mint chutney.₹485
Black ChickenCoal grilled chicken with black sesame marinade.₹455
Sriracha Chicken ChilliChicken tossed in sriracha sauce onion, bell peppers, green onion.₹445
Mutton Keema PavWarm mutton keema, butter, fresh coriander, pav.₹425
Moroccan Lamb KeftedesMini keftedes, garlic curd.₹495
Chermoula Fish SkewersOvernight marinated fish skewers, red harissa.₹445
Butter Garlic PrawnsTiger prawns, fresh herbs, olive oil, cherry tomato, olives.₹545

One8 Commune Salads Price

Caesar Salad“Healthy” Our taken on the most famous salad of all times. iceberg and Romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, olives, house made caesar dressing garlic crouton.₹395
The Red and White Quinoa SaladFresh avocado, asparagus, pomegranate, cucumber and mustard vinaigrette.₹445

One8 Commune Breads Price

Buttered Pav₹50
Tandoori Roti₹60
Butter Roti₹70
Garlic Naan₹70
Butter Naan₹80
Lachha Paratha₹80
Tandoori Kulcha₹80

One8 Commune Pizza Price

The Classic Margherita PizzaItalian pomodoro, mozzarella, rocket, drizzle of olive oil.₹495
Garden Vegetables Pizza [12 inches]Roasted bell peppers, broccoli, zucchini, a tribute.₹545
Ortolana Pizza [12 inches]Sauteed onions, capsicum and mushroom, frequent flyers favourite.₹555
Tandoori Commune Pizza [12 inches]Tandoor spice dusted, chicken, onions, feta, Punjabi twist.₹665
Tiger Prawns Pizza [12 inches]Spicy prawns and Italian tomato.₹825
Italian Pepperoni Pizza [12 inches]Topped with thinly sliced italian pepperoni, jalapeno.₹875

One8 Commune Pasta Price

Arrabiata PenneTomato pilati, fresh basil, grated Parmesan.₹465
Classic Mac N Cheese PastaSkillet baked, 3 cheese sauce.₹475
Puttanesca SpaghettiSpicy tomato sauce, capers, Parmesan.₹475
Thyme Sauteed Garden VegetablesBok choy, bell peppers, broccoli, zucchini, thyme, olive oil.₹495
Tomato Cream PenneTomato cream sauce, garden vegetables, Parmesan, fresh basil.₹475
Veg Primavera PenneFresh herbs, olives, Parmesan cream, seasonal vegetables.₹495
Grilled FishGarden vegetables, lemon caper sauce, sauteed vegetables.₹645
Pan Seared Chicken Breast PastaSucculent chicken breast, garden vegetables, herb mash.₹675
Chicken Tomato Cream PenneTomato cream sauce, garden vegetables, Parmesan, fresh basil.₹525
Chicken Primavera PenneFresh herbs, olives, Parmesan cream, seasonal vegetables.₹525

One8 Commune Dimsums Price

China Man Dimsum [4 Pieces]Lotus root, water chestnut and broccoli dimsum.₹425
Fiery Chicken Dimsum [4 Pieces]Spicy chicken dumplings, best mate with cocktails.₹495
Canton Prawns Dimsum [4 Pieces]Delightfully light and healthy prawns dumpling.₹525
Five River Mud CakeDecadent layered chocolate mud cake and chocolate mousse.₹375


Virat Kohli restaurant chain One8 Commune is a good place to enjoy your meal. One8 Commune they offer a wide variety of items, so there’s something for everyone. They offer Indian, Italian, Continental, Asian and Thai food.

The food price at One8 Commune can be on expensive side, with the average cost for a meal being around Rs. 1,500 per person. However, the restaurant prepare it’s food in clean and hygienic condition.

If you want to enjoy delicious meal and good music, One8 Commune is the perfect place for you. I hope you like our blog Virat Kohli Restaurant Menu | One8 Commune Menu and also like to read our other blogs.