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Smokin Joes Menu | Smokin Joes Menu Price | Smokin Joes Pizza Price: Smokin’ Joe’s is an Indian pizza chain. It was started by Parsi businessmen Navroze Bilimoria Russi and Nirmal Vinod Momaya in 1993. Smokin’ Joe’s first outlet was opened in Mmubai. Smokin’ Joe’s primarly operates in Maharashtra state. Smokin’ Joe’s currently operates in over 65 locations in all over country.

Smokin’ Joe’s specializes in pizza and they offer wide range of Pizza to it’s customer. Smokin’ Joe’s pizzas are famous for their soft crust, flavorful sauce, and widespread toppings. Smokin’ Joe’s offer veg pizza, Non veg pizza and Jain Pizza also.

The chain also offers a variety of unique pizza Like Woodcutters, Tandoori Paneer, Satay Veggies, Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikka etc.

Besides pizza, the chain also serves other food items like garlic bread, desserts, salads, Sandwich and beverages.

Smokin Joes Veg Pizza Price

Plain CheeseRs.130Rs.250Rs.390Rs.1000
Ultimate VegetarianRs.190Rs.350Rs.500Rs.1,400
Crisp N LiteRs.190Rs.350Rs.500Rs.1,400
Spicy VegRs.190Rs.350Rs.500Rs.1,400
Veggie SurpriseRs.190Rs.350Rs.500Rs.1,400
Mixed VegRs.300Rs.580Rs.800Rs.2,320
Chettinad VeggiesRs.300Rs.580Rs.800Rs.2,320
Corn FeastRs.300Rs.580Rs.800Rs.2,320
Tandoori PaneerRs.300Rs.580Rs.800Rs.2,320
Deluxe MargheritaRs.300Rs.580Rs.800Rs.2,320
Classic VegRs.300Rs.580Rs.800Rs.2,320
Supreme VegRs.300Rs.580Rs.800Rs.2,320
Smokies FiveRs.300Rs.580Rs.800Rs.2,320
Paneer ChillyRs.300Rs.580Rs.800Rs.2,320
Schezwan VegRs.300Rs.580Rs.800Rs.2,320
Sweet N Spicy VeggiesRs.300Rs.580Rs.800Rs.2,320
Zesty PaneerRs.300Rs.580Rs.800Rs.2,320
Satay VeggiesRs.300Rs.580Rs.800Rs.2,320
Black Pepper VeggiesRs.300Rs.580Rs.800Rs.2,320
Five Pepper FiestaRs.300Rs.580Rs.800Rs.2,320

Smokin Joes Non – Veg Pizza Price

Roast ChickenRs.205Rs.385Rs.550Rs.1,600
Hot ChickenRs.205Rs.385Rs.550Rs.1,600
Chicken TikkaRs.330Rs.575Rs.800Rs.2,300
Butter ChickenRs.330Rs.575Rs.800Rs.2,300
Tuna FeastRs.330Rs.575Rs.800Rs.2,300
Chilly ChickenRs.330Rs.575Rs.800Rs.2,300
Schezwan ChickenRs.330Rs.575Rs.800Rs.2,300
Satay ChickenRs.330Rs.575Rs.800Rs.2,300
Black Pepper ChickenRs.330Rs.575Rs.800Rs.2,300
Vindaloo ChickenRs.330Rs.575Rs.800Rs.2,300
Zesty ChickenRs.330Rs.575Rs.800Rs.2,300
Meat LoversRs.380Rs.675Rs.925Rs.2,800
Barbecued ChickenRs.380Rs.675Rs.925Rs.2,800
Chicken BonanzaRs.380Rs.675Rs.925Rs.2,800
Smokin Joe’s SpecialRs.380Rs.675Rs.925Rs.2,800
Chicken HawainRs.380Rs.675Rs.925Rs.2,800

Smokin Joes Most Loved Combos Price

Chicken Tikka Pizza ComboChicken Tikka Pizza (Medium) + Butter Garlic Bread Sticks + Thums Up (Pet Bottle)₹725
Hot Chicken Pizza ComboHot Chicken Pizza (Large) + Garlic Bread With Cheese + Coke (Pet Bottle)₹745
Most Loved CombosBarbecued Chicken Pizza + Garlic Bread With Cheese (Medium Pizza And 3 Pcs Garlic Bread)₹737
Smokin’ Joes Special Non Veg Pizza ComboSmokin’ Joes Special Pizza (Medium) + Garlic Bread with Cheese + Thums Up (Pet Bottle)₹820
Supreme Veg Pizza ComboSupreme Veg Pizza (Medium) + Garlic Bread with Cheese + Thums Up (Pet Bottle)₹720
Tandoori Paneer Pizza ComboTandoori Paneer Pizza (Medium) + Butter Garlic Bread Sticks + Coke (Pet Bottle)₹710

Smokin Joes Pizza Sandwich Price

Cheesy Veggie SandwichCheese,Mushroom and Salad Vegetables in Mayonnaise (Per Serve Size (ml/ gm) 350 Energy (kcal) 667.76 Protein (in grams) 18.12 Carbohydrate (in grams) 71.2 Added Sugar 8.38 Fats (in grams) 33.66)₹190
Paneer Tikka Sandwich
Juicy bite of Paneer Tikka mixed with Onion,Coriander and Green Chillies with our special blend of sauces (Per Serve Size (ml/ gm) 300 Energy (kcal) 665.24 Protein (in grams) 29.54 Carbohydrate (in grams) 77.16 Added Sugar 12.4 Fats (in grams) 26.14)₹190
Vegetarian Delight Sandwich
Peppy Paneer,American Corn,Salad Vegetables and Green Chillies in Mayonnaise (Per Serve Size (ml/ gm) 350 Energy (kcal) 650.98 Protein (in grams) 16.36 Carbohydrate (in grams) 72.69 Added Sugar 8.38 Fats (in grams) 32.18)₹190
Honey Pepper Chicken SandwichRoast Chicken and Salad Vegetablese in a Honey pepper Mayonnaise (Per Serve Size (in grams) 350 Energy (kcal) 687.34 Carbohydrate (in grams) 80 Protein (in grams) 21.76 Fats (in grams) 30.56 Added Sugar (in grams) 18.16)₹220
Spicy Chicken Sandwich
Roast Chicken and Onion blended with our own special mix of spices (Per Serve Size (in grams) 422 Energy (kcal) 634.97 Carbohydrate (in grams) 104.72 Protein (in grams) 30.34 Fats (in grams) 9.1 Added Sugar (in grams) 30.56)₹220

Smokin Joes Super Side Orders Price

Butter Garlic Bread Sticks₹120
Chilly Cheese Toast₹160
Corn And Jalapeno Garlic Bread₹170
Garlic Bread₹120
Garlic Bread With Cheese₹160
Bbq Sauce Dip₹25
Cheesy Dip₹25
Cheesy Jalapeno Dip₹25
Jalapeno Mayo Dip₹25
Capsicum With Salad Vegetables In Mayo₹120
Roast Chicken With Pineapple Capsicum And Salad Vegetables In Mayyonaise₹170
French Friess₹110
Potato Wedges.₹110
Bbq Chicken Wings₹190
Chicken Fingers₹190

Smokin Joes Drinks (Beverages) Price

Coke(100 ml)₹60
Thums Up₹60
Mineral Water₹30


Smokin’ Joe’s outlets has a friendly and cozy atmosphere, Which makes it a good place to enjoy your meal with friends and family. If you’re looking for a delicious and affordable pizza, Smokin’ Joe’s is a good place to go. I hope you like our blog Smokin Joes Menu | Smokin Joes Menu Price | Smokin Joes Pizza Price and also like to read our other blogs.