Sagar Ratna Menu | Sagar Ratna Menu Price

Sagar Ratna Menu | Sagar Ratna Menu Price: Sagar Ratna is a popular restaurant chain in India, It is famous for it’s authentic South Indian cuisine. The first Sagar Ratna restaurant was opened in 1986 in New Delhi.

Currently, there are over 90 Sagar Ratna restaurants running in India and world wide. They have some branches in America and United Kingdom.

Sagar Ratna is famous for it’s traditional South Indian cuisine. They prepared their dishes in fresh vegetables and south Indian masalas.

They have wide variety of south Indian dishes in their menu, some of their popular items are Dosas, idlis, uttapams and Curd Rice. Sagar Ratna also serves North Indian and chinese dishes also.

Sagar Ratna restaurant pricing is also reasonable, when comparing it’s service and food quality. A full meal at restaurant cost you around 500 rupees. The Sagar Ratna outlets are known for their clean and friendly environment.

If you are looking for a delicious South Indian meal, Sagar Ratna is a great option for you.

Sagar Ratna Starters Price

Rasam (Regular) + Aplam (South Indian Papad)₹130
Rasam (Small) + Aplam (South Indian Papad)₹85
Aplam (South Indian Papad)₹35

Sagar Ratna Idlis Price

Rice Idli (2 Pcs)₹145
Rava Idli (2 Pcs)₹175
Podi Idli (12 Pcs)₹175
Mini Idlis dipped in sambhar (12 Pcs)₹175
Madras Idli Fries₹170
Idli Chaat (Small)₹105
Idli Chaat (Regular)₹190
Dahi Idli (2 Pcs)₹190
Assorted Podi Idli (12 Pcs.)₹195

Sagar Ratna Dosas Price

Rava Plain Dosa₹210
Plain Dosa₹175
Paper Plain Dosa₹190
Onion Plain Dosa₹195
Mysore Plain Dosa₹200
Ghee Roast Plain Dosa₹230
Butter Plain Dosa₹210
Paper Masala Dosa₹205
Onion Masala Dosa₹220
Mysore Masala Dosa₹225
Masala Dosa₹195
Butter Masala Dosa₹225
Rava Vegetable Plain Dosa₹220
Rava Masala Dosa₹225
Rava Onion Masala Dosa₹245
Rava Mysore Masala Dosa₹245
Rava Coconut Plain Dosa₹220
Rava Coconut Masala Dosa₹240
Sagar Ratna Menu | Sagar Ratna Menu Price

Sagar Ratna Rice Price

Vegetable Biryani₹245
Bisibele Bhaat₹195
Puliyogare Rice₹215
Sambhar Rice₹195
Rasam Rice₹205
Lemon Rice₹195
Curd Rice₹195

Sagar Ratna Chinese Starters Price

Veg Spring Roll₹285
Honey Chilli Potatoes₹285
Crispy Veg Salt & Pepper₹305
Mushroom Chilli Dry₹305
Veg Manchurian Dry₹305
Gobhi Manchurian Dry₹305
Paneer Chilli Dry₹345
Paneer Manchurian Dry₹335

Sagar Ratna Chinese Main Course Price

Mushroom Chilli Gravy₹305
Veg. Manchurian Gravy₹305
Gobhi Manchurian Gravy₹305
Paneer Chilli Gravy₹345
Paneer Manchurian — Gravy₹345

Sagar Ratna Noodles & Rice Price

Veg Chowmein₹255
Veg Singapore Chowmein₹275
Garlic Ginger Chilli Chowmein₹275
Veg Hakka Noodles₹275
Veg Schezwan Fried Rice₹265
Veg Singapore Fried Rice₹275
Veg Fried Rice₹255
Veg Schezwan Noodles₹275

Sagar Ratna Desserts Price

Rava Kesari Small₹75
Rava Kesari Full₹135
Lassi (Sweet)₹125
Gulab Jamun Single₹70
Gulab Jamun (2 pcs)₹135
Lassi (Salted)₹125


Sagar Ratna is a famous vegetarian restaurant chain in India, Sagar Ratna specializes on South Indian cuisine. The restaurant is famous for it’s service and vibrant atmosphere. The restaurant serve wide variety of South Indian, North Indian and chinese dishes as well. Sagar Ratna is popular among families, friends, and colleagues. I hope you like our blog Sagar Ratna Menu | Sagar Ratna Menu Price and also like to read our other blogs.