Pizza Galleria Menu | Pizza Galleria Menu Price

Pizza Galleria Menu | Pizza Galleria Menu Price: Pizza Galleria India is a one of fastest growing pizza chain in India. It was founded by Sandeep Jangra in 2016. He started it from a small outlet, Which was located in Gohana, Haryana. Currently, they operate over 60 outlets across India. They specialize in 100% vegetarian pizzas, which is made with fresh dough and unique flavor combinations.

Pizza Galleria unique points

  • Focus on vegetarian pizzas: In a country with a large vegetarian population, Pizza Galleria caters to this specific audience by offering a variety of delicious and innovative vegetarian pizzas.
  • Fresh dough: They use fresh dough made daily in their outlets, resulting in a light and airy crust.
  • Unique flavors: Their menu features a wide range of pizzas with both classic and innovative toppings, from the “Margherita” and “Tandoori Paneer” to the “BBQ Chicken” and “Achari Chicken.”
  • Affordable prices: Pizza Galleria offers pizzas at competitive prices, making them a good value for money.
  • Franchise opportunities: They offer franchise opportunities for those interested in starting their own Pizza Galleria outlet.

Pizza Galleria owners recently appeared on Shark Tank India Season 3, where they impressed the sharks with their business model and sales figures. They are currently looking to expand their business all over India and are also exploring international market.

Desi Veg Pizza (New Arrival)

Garden Feast Pizza(Onion, Capsicum, Tomato, Mushrooms, Jalapeno, Fully Loaded Extra Cheese)₹309
Makhni Tadka PizzaLet your taste buds go wild with this perfect combination of green chilli, … read more₹309
Peri Peri Delight Pizza(Baby Corn, Capsicum, Red Paprika, Black Olives, Jalapeno, Onion, Loaded Extra Cheese)₹309
Veggie Gourmet PizzaPizza is the solution to every problem. Especially this one with onion, gherkins, tomato, red paprika, seasonal broccoli.₹309
Veggie Zesty Pizza(The Feast Includes Seasoned Mushroom, Onion, Capsicum, Sweet Corn, Hot Chilli Paneer, Black Olives, Tomato & Cheese)₹309

Top Selling Combos

Fresh Farm Pizza[Medium]+Cheesy Garlic BreadFresh Farm Pizza[medium]+cheesy Garlic Bread[Online]₹450
Get All Combo 3 PizzaSweet Corn Pizza[7 Inch]+Onion Pizza[7 Inch]+Capsicum Pizza[7 Inch]+Coca Cola₹389
(Onion+ Capsicum)+ (Red Paprika+Pineapple Pizza)+ChocolavaOnion+ Capsicum+ Red Paprika+pineapple Pizza+chocolava[online]₹345
Spicy Triple Tango Pizza[Regular]+White Sauce Pasta +BurgizzaSpicy Triple Tango Pizza[regular]+white Sauce Pasta +burgizza[Online]₹410


2 Veg Double Pizza With Calzone Combo 250 ML COCA COLAAny 2 Veg Double Pizza With Cheese Pocket Calzone₹489
2 Veg Double Pizza With Garlic Bread Combo250 ML COCA COLAAny 2 Veg Double Pizza+Plain Garlic Bread₹529
Mr Single Combo1 Regular single topping pizza + cold drink₹219
Veg Doubles ComboOnion and Paneer Pizza+Onion and Capsicum Pizza+Tomato and Sweet Corn Pizza+Red Paprika and Pineapple Pizza₹559
Veg Singles ComboCombination Of 4 Pizza’s : Onion+Capsicum+Tomato+Sweet Corn₹479


Golden Delight PizzaFresh onion, golden corn₹209
Onion Fresh DelightOnion With Corn + liquid cheese blend₹209
Queen MargheritaLoaded Cheese loaded with liquid cheese and mozzarella 7 herbs.₹209
Spicy Triple Tango PizzaGolden corn, jalapeno and red paprika.₹209
Veg Pie PizzaCrisp onion, diced mozzarella cheese.₹209
Veggie Fresh PizzaFresh tomato, capsicum₹209
Fresh Farmers Choice PizzaFresh capsicum, cheese, crisp onions, fresh tomato, fresh mushroom.₹259
Mexican Green Wave PizzaJalapeno, crispy onion, mozzarella cheese, sweet corn.₹259
Mexican Salsa Pizza
Jalapeno, black olive, baby corn, paprika, cheese mozzarella.₹259
Special Country PizzaFresh onion, capsicum, tomato, cheese.₹259
Tandoori Paneer PizzaTandoori cheese and sauce, paneer, capsicum, red paprika.₹259
Italy Treat PizzaCapsicum, mushroom, baby corn, red paprika, black olives, extra cheese.₹299
Over Loaded PizzaAll vegetables and mozzarella cheese.₹299
Italian PizzaOnion, capsicum, tomato, baby corn, jalapeno, paneer fully loaded extra cheese₹309
Pizza Galleria Exotica[Chef’s Special] Baby corn, capsicum, red paprika, black olives, jalapenos, paneer, loaded extra cheese.₹309
Veg Deluxe PizzaOnion , capsicum, mushroom, golden corn paneer₹309
Veg Steak PizzaOnion, capsicum, tomato, mushroom, jalapeno, corn black olives, loaded extra cheese.₹309

Garlic Breads

Cheesy Garlic BreadsCheese + corn stuff₹129
Jalapeno Garlic BreadGarlic slice, file with jalapeno, sweet corn and mozzarella cheese.₹179
Plain Garlic BreadButtery plain bread with garlic powder₹119


Aloo Tikki WrapWhite cheese, Different flavor of makhni sauce)₹134
Mexican Wrap₹134
Paneer Wrap₹134
Veggie Wrap₹134


Red Pasta(Onion, Capsicum, Paneer, Mushroom, Redpaprika With Chesse)₹259
Tangy Mixed Pasta(Include In Tangy Tomato & Spicy Sauce With Veggie Tossed In Olive Oil)₹269
White Pasta(Dedicate Yourself To Green Bell Paper, Delicious Combination Of Tangy Tomato & Tandoori Sauce)₹259


Black Current Shake₹159
Butterscotch Shake₹159
Chocolate Shake₹159
Cold Coffee₹159
Vanilla Shake₹159


Coca Cola 750 ML₹90
Fanta 750 ML₹90
Sprite 750 ML₹90
Thumbs-up 750 ML₹90


Chessy Jalapeno Sauce₹45
Chilli Garlic₹45
Hot Chilli₹45
Perry Perry Dip₹45
So Cheesy Dip₹45
Spicy Dip₹45


Overall, Pizza Galleria India is a promising pizza chain with a unique focus on vegetarian pizzas and a commitment to quality and affordability. After its owner visit to Shark Tank India Season 3, Its pizzas sales increases rapidly. I hope you like our blog Pizza Galleria Menu | Pizza Galleria Menu Price and also like to read our other blogs.