Macaw By Stories Menu | Macaw By Stories Menu Price

Macaw By Stories Menu | Macaw By Stories Menu Price: Macaw By Stories is a craft brewery and kitchen, which is located in Bangalore, India. Macaw By Stories offers a unique blend of flavors, atmosphere, and music. From its trendy interior design to its carefully crafted cocktail menu, Macaw by Stories offers a sensory experience.

  • Cuisine: Macaw By Stories offers South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, Pasta, Pizza, Fast Food etc. Expect fresh, bold flavors, with options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Popular choices include Chicken Dinner Bowl, Tandoori Chicken Wings, Honey Chilli Paneer etc.
  • Beverages: The bar at Macaw By Stories offers a range of cocktails, mocktails, and fresh juices to complement your meal.
  • Events: Macaw By Stories regularly hosts events like Bollywood nights, themed parties, and live music performances, making it a vibrant hub for entertainment.


Chakna PlatterAssortment of 4 Chakhans, good to share.₹449
Nutty Chakna PlatterAssortment of flavoured cashews, almonds and fox nuts with house special cashew fritters.₹599
Mezze PlatterPitta, Hummus, Falafel. Mutabal, tzatziki₹539
Tandoori Veg PlatterAssortment of 4 starters with dips good to share₹1149

Super Bowls

Asian Veggies Noodles BowlStir fried noodles with assortment of veggies, crackling spinach, garlic sauce.₹379
Asian Tofu Noodles BowlStir fried noodles with assortment of veggies, crackling spinach, crumb fried tofu, garlic sauce.₹379
Teriyaki Chicken BowlSkin on Roasted chicken with teriyaki glace.₹409
Chicken Dinner BowlChicken Stuffed with Mushroom, spinach & Cheese, served with mushroom pepper sauce, herb nice, house salad.₹429
Mexican Grilled Fish BowlTomato & beans. Rice, Pico de Gallo, creamy cilantro sauce.₹439


Raw Mango & Pappaya SaladPlum sugar & red chilli dressing, Roasted Peanut Fresh plum.₹269
Healthy Bar SaladWatermelon, cucumber, apple-feta cheese, balsamic dressing.₹279
Grilled Fruits & Buratta SaladBalsamic glazed tomatoes, pesto almond flakes.₹339
Cobb SaladBalsamic glazed tomatoes, pesto almond flakes.₹329
Ceaser Veg SaladChilli garlic croutons, parmesan dust.₹269
Ceaser Salad with Kalimiri ChickenChilli garlic croutons, parmesan dust.₹309


Techa Paneer NibblePita bread, summer salad.₹299
Lousiana Hot Chicken Wings
Tandoori Chicken Wings₹359
Podi Dusted ChickenCrispy fried chicken dusted with Podi, Kasundi apple salad.₹329
Crumbed Fried ChickenChicken supreme strips marinated with herb and mid spices crispy fried.₹369
Coconut Roasted ChickenKundapura spice cooked chicken with roasted coconut and curry leaves.₹369
Lamb Seekh Kebab on Mini PitaSalad, pickled onion, mint reduction dip.₹389
Crumb Fried TilapiaPeri peri marinated fish crumbed fried served with creamy chipotle dip, house salad.₹399
Curry Leaf Cured FishRice pops, spiced kokum roso.₹399


Honey Chilli Paneer₹349
Chilli Plum Baby Corn₹299
Lotus Stem & Water Chestnut Pepper Salt₹299
Korean Chilli Paneer₹349
1990s Chilli Egg₹259
Malaysian Sambal Chicken Skewers₹389
1990s Chilli Chicken₹399
Crispy Fried Fish in Ginger Soya Sauce₹439


Dahi Ke KebabCrumb fried hung curd tikki flavoured with spinach served with beetroot reduction, sweet yogurt dip.₹329
Chimichurri Paneer TikkaServed With Mushroom Sauce and dahi onion.₹299
Thandai Paneer TikkaExtra Ordinary Creamy Malai Marinated Paneer Cooked in Clay Over Served with Mint Sauce.₹329
Murg E RaanChicken leg mannosed with Indian spices cooked in tandoor served with mint chutney. spicy yogurt sauce.₹379
Chatpata Chicken TikkaFlavourful spicy marinated chicken mares, served with tandoori green chutney.₹369
Spinach & Cheese Stuffed ChickenSmoked yogurt sauce & tomato dip.₹389
Tandoori ChickenServed with dip and salad.₹439

Main Course

Tadkawali DalChilli and garlic tempered yellow lentils.₹279
Makkhan wali DalCreamy and buttery black lentils from the land of Punjab.₹300
Hyderabadi Jackfruit KoftaCrumbled cheese, cashew nut, dry rose petal.₹339
Paneer LasagnaLayer of cottage cheese finish with cheese, tomato butter cream, lachha paratha.₹369
Kashmiri Dum AlooChur chur naan, apple salad.₹329
Saag BurrataJalapeno garlic cheese kulcha.₹389
Paneer ChettinadAjwaini Paratha.₹359
Chicken Seekh Tikka Masala₹399
Halli Style Mutton SharuServed with Ragi and potato mash.₹449
Mushroom RisottoPorcini & button mushroom cooked with Arborio rice.₹359
Raw Mango and Coconut CurryServed with steamed rice.₹399
Kali Mirch Chicken TikkaServed with roasted papad.₹339
Chicken Meat Ball GassiKori roti, coconut chilli curry.₹369


Garlic Naan₹79
Rogni Naan₹89
Jalapeno Cheese Garlic Naan₹109
Lachha Paratha₹89
Pudina Paratha₹99
Plain Kulcha₹99
Malabar Paratha₹99

Rice & Biryani

Curd RiceCashew fitters crumble, pomegranate.₹229
Ghee wali Dal KhichdiRoasted papad, masala onion.₹259
Veg Dum BiryaniServed with raita and onion salad.₹339
Masala Dum Murg BiryaniServed with raita and onion salad.₹389
Mutton BiryaniShort grain nice biryani, served with Raita & onion salad!₹469

Fried Rice & Noodles

Creamy Cheese Sauce PastaServed with garlic bread.₹349
Penne Italiono PastaServed with garlic bread.₹349
Fettuccine with Tomato and Red Pepper Sauce PastaSaute vegetables and garlic bread.₹369
Pesto Mesto PastaCreamy alfredo mix with pesto sauce.₹349
Backed Mac and Cheese PastaServed with garlic bread.₹359
Lamb Keema LasagnaServed with summer salad & garlic bread.₹469


Gooey Brownie[Veg preparation] Served with scoop of ice cream.₹329
Turkish BaklavaHoney saffron glare, pesto sauce.₹379
KesariyaCoconut mousse, pineapple & semolina, prune salsa.₹339
Thandai Mousse with Chocolate RabdiThanda thanda cool cool.₹349


If you’re looking for a unique and good dining experience in Bangalore, Macaw By Stories is a best place to go. It’s a place to indulge in delicious food, soak up the vibrant atmosphere, and experience the Indian food. I hope you like our blog Macaw By Stories Menu | Macaw By Stories Menu Price and also like to read our other blogs.