La Pino’z Pizza Menu | La Pino’z Pizza Price

La Pino’z Pizza Menu | La Pino’z Pizza Price: La Pinoz Pizza is a Well known Pizza chain in India. It was started by Sanam Kapoor in Chandigarh in 2011. Currently, they are operating over 600 outlets in India. They also opened their outlet in London.

They are planning to increase their branches in London and enter in other European market.

La Pinoz Pizza has big Pizza Menu, They offer other dishes also such as pasta, Lasagna and desserts. They made their pizza with fresh ingredients and cook in a wood-fired oven. La Pinoz Pizza also has Indian flavoured pizzas like Exotic Tikka Pizza, Makhani Do Pyaza, Tandoori Chicken Pizza etc.

La Pinoz Pizza food prices are affordable for average Indian customer. Their menu price is very less compared to other pizza chains in India. La Pinoz Pizza is a becoming a popular choice for pizza lovers in India.

La Pino’z Pizza Veg Pizza Price

Margherita PizzaA classic cheesy Margherita. ₹145
Makhani Do PyazaMakhani Gravy, Onion & Cheese₹190
My MacA perfect blend of Cheesey Macroni, Swirl of Jalapenos Dip & Cheese₹190
Onion BlossomsA combination of Onions,Cheesy Dip & Cheese₹190
Sweet Corns DelightA combination of juicy Sweet Corns & Cheese₹190
Country Side PizzaA country side mood goes well with capsicum, Jalapeno & Olives. ₹195
Garden Delight PizzaA classic veg pizza that combines the zing and freshness of onions, tomatoes and capsicum.₹195
Lovers Bite PizzaA wholesome combination of tossed mushrooms, olives and juicy sweet corn.₹195
Spring Fling PizzaQuintessentially veg with capsicum, sweet corn and flavoured chunks of paneer. ₹195
Burn To Hell PizzaA fiery and lethal combination of hot & garlic dip, jalapenos, mushrooms, olives and capsicum. ₹275
Cheezy-7 PizzaAn Exotic Combination of White Mozzarilla, Cream White Cheese, Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Cream Orange Cheese, Colby, Orange Cheddar.₹275
Farm Villa PizzaThe freshness of capsicum, tomatoes, with the flavour of paneer and red paprika topped with a korma dip. ₹275
Garden Special PizzaA close cousin of the gardne delight. Capsicum,Mushrooms,Onion, and Fresh Tomatoes. ₹275
Paneer Tikka Butter Masala PizzaAn indian Speciality on a La Pinoz Pizza. Exotic Paneer Tikka, Onion, Capsicum & Red Paprika. ₹275
Veg. hawaiian PizzaNothing says Hawaiian like pineapple, paneer, and sweet corn with extra cheese.₹275
African Peri Peri Veg PizzaA crowd favourite. Paneer, Mushroom, Sweet Corns,Onion & Red Paprika topped with our in house Peri Peri Dip. ₹295
Cheese Lover PizzaNothing says cheesy like the cheese lovers pizza accompanied with a cheese and jalapeno dip.₹295
Cheesy Macaroni Veg PizzaPaneer, Onions, Capsicum, Olives, Baby Corn With Loads Of Cheese₹295
English Retreat PizzaOlives,Red Paprika, Tomatoes, Paneer, Capsicum, Cheese, Jalapeno Dip. An English special.₹295
Garlic-to-pizzaHot & Garlic Dip with onions, Capsicum, Paneer, Mushroom, Jalapenos.₹295
Hot Passion PizzaHot passion on a Pizza. Jalapenos, Mushrooms, Red Paprika, Fresh Tomato With Cheese & Jalapeno Dip. ₹295
Korma Special PizzaNeed some Indian Zing to your pizza? Top it up with Onion,Capsicum,Tomato,Red Paprika,Paneer,Mushroom & Korma Dip. ₹295
La Pino’z Paneer PizzaA La Pinoz special. Onion, Capsicum, Paneer, Sweet Corn & Olives With Cheese Dip. ₹295
La Pino'z Pizza Menu | La Pino'z Pizza Price

La Pino’z Pizza Non-Veg Pizza Price

Super BBQA classic pizza with onions,BBQ Chicken & Cheese.₹190
Exotic Tikka PizzaClassic Combination of Onions & Chicken Tikka. ₹195
Hawaiian SpecialTaste of hot & savoury Pineapple,Salami & Cheese. ₹195
Korma DelightA pizza with Indian twist of Onions,Chicken Seekh Kabab & Korma Dip. ₹195
Seekh SpecialBlend of delicious Chicken Seekh Kabab, juicy Sweet Corns & Cheese. ₹195
Chicago Delight PizzaA Chicken Feast Pizza that has Chicken Tikka, Chicken Salami & Onions.₹275
Chicken De-light PizzaA Special Trip to Chicken Salami, Chicken Seekh & Mutton Keema. ₹275
Tandoori Chicken PizzaOur take on Tandoori Chicken! Pizza Infused with Onion,Capsicum, Chicken Tikka & Korma Dip.₹275
Texas Bbq’ed PizzaA Special Fusion of Onion,Capsicum & BBQ Chicken.₹275
Hot Tandoori PizzaTandoor it up with Chicken Tikka, Chicken Seekh Kebab, Jalapenos & red paprika.₹295
Indian Chicken Special PizzaOur Indian Special Pizza Infused with Chicken Seekh Kebab,Chicken Tikka,Chicken Salami,Onions & Cheese Dip.₹295
Korma Chicken PizzaNeed some Indian Zing to your pizza? Top it up with Bbq Chicken,Sausages,Capsicum,Red Paprika & Korma Dip.₹295
La Pino’z Chicken PizzaA Tri Fecta of Chicken. Chicken Tikka, BBQ Chicken & Smoked Chicken.₹295
Mixed Grill PizzaA Special Mutton Feast with Mutton Keema,Chicken Tikka,Onions,Peri Peri Dip. ₹295
Non-veg Hawaiian PizzaNothing says Hawaiian like Double Chicken Salami,Smoked Chicken,Pineapple & Extra Cheese.₹295
Pepperoni Pizza
100% Pork Pepperoni with Extra Cheese₹295
Non-veg Tamer PizzaAll the Non-Veg. Toppings with Extra Cheese. ₹325
California Chicken Pizza
A Special Fusion of Smoked Chicken,Chicken Sheekh,Chicken BBQ,Chicken Salami With Extra Cheese. ₹345
Chicken Tikka Lababdar PizzaA tangy Indian twist. Chicken TIkka, BBQ Chicken & mutton keema with a kadahi dip. ₹345
Meat Blast PizzaAn overload of meat with chicken tikka, double mutton keema, Jalapenos, Red paprika & extra cheese. ₹345
Peri Peri – Chicken PizzaSpice it Up with Bbq Chicken,Chicken Sausages,Onion,Red Paprika,Smoked Chicken,Chicken Salami & Peri Peri Dip.₹345

La Pino’z Pizza Classic Pizza Pack Of 4 Price

Classic Pizzas Pack Of 4 – Veg.Onions Pizza + Tomatoes Pizza + Caspsicum Pizza + Sweet Corn Pizza₹409
Classic Pizzas Pack Of 4 – Veg. (premium)Onions & Capsicum Pizza + Capsicum & Paneer Pizza + Onions & Paneer Pizza + Jalapenos & Olives Pizza₹549
Classic Pizzas Pack Of 4 – Non-veg.Capsicum & Chicken Tikka Pizza + Chicken Tikka & Chicken Salami Pizza + Chicken Seekh & Chicken Salami Pizza + Keema & Onion Pizza₹599

La Pino’z Pizza Classic Pizza Price

Loaded PestoSweet Corn+Mushrooms+Pesto Basil Dip₹135
Pesto VegCapsicum+Sweet Corn+Pesto Basil Dip₹129
Tomatoes PizzaThinly cut fresh tomatoes on a cheesy base with in house sauce.₹99
Onions PizzaOnions on a cheesy base with in house sauce.₹105
Capsicum PizzaFresh and crispy capsicum cooked to perfection. ₹115
Sweet Corns PizzaSweet and juicy golden corn with our in house sauce. ₹125
Spicy VegCapsicum+Sweet Corn+Chilli Garlic Sauce₹135
CheesyLoaded with Cheese₹135
Korma PyazaOnion+Capsicum+Sweet Corn+Korma Dip₹135
Onions & Capsicum PizzaA delectable combination of freshly cooked onions & capsicum with our in house sauce.₹145
Capsicum & Paneer PizzaA delectable combination of freshly cooked capsicum & paneer with our in house sauce.₹149
Jalapenos & Olives PizzaRemarkable Blend of Jalapenos and Black Olives. ₹149
Onions & Paneer PizzaA delectable combination of freshly cooked onions & paneer with our in house sauce.₹149
Capsicum, Paneer & Red Paprika PizzaFlavorful trio of Juicy Paneer, Crisp Capsicum with Spicy Red Paprika.₹169
Jalapenos, Sweet Corns & Paneer PizzaAppetizing Combination of Juicy Paneer, Sweet Corn and Jalapeno in our in House Sauce. ₹169

La Pino’z Pizza Classic Non Veg Pizza Price

Bbq Chicken PizzaBBQ chicken on a pizza base with loads of cheese & in house BBQ Sauce.₹135
Pesto Non-vegSweet Corn+Chicken Salami+Pesto Basil Dip₹139
Spicy Non-vegSweet Corn+Bbq Chicken+Chilli Garlic Sauce₹139
Capsicum & Chicken Tikka PizzaCrispy Capsicum with Delicious Chicken in a Fresh Pan Crust.₹149
Korma Non-vegOnion+Chicken Seekh+Chicken Salami+Korma Dip₹139
Chicken Seekh & Chicken Salami PizzaSmokey Chicken Sheekh & Chicken Salami Topped on Fresh Pan Crust Pizza.₹169
Chicken Tikka & Chicken Salami PizzaClassic Combination of Chicken Tikka & Chicken Salami. ₹169
Keema & Onion PizzaPerfect Blend of Keema & Onion Prepared in our in House Sauce. ₹175

La Pino’z Pizza Garlic Bread Price

Garlic Bread SticksCrunch your way through our cheesy garlic sticks.₹139
Sweet Corn Stuffed Garlic BreadSweet corns, Jalapenos With Cheese. ₹175
Paneer Tikka Stuffed Garlic BreadPaneer Tikka Butter Masala. ₹185
Pork Pepperoni Stuffed Garlic BreadPork Pepperoni Stuffed Garlic Bread Sticks₹189
Mutton Keema Stuffed Garlic BreadMutton Keema, Jalapenos With Cheese.₹189
Plain Garlic Bread| 1 Pc ||The quintessential garlic bread side for your pizza.₹129
Cheesy Garlic Bread| 1 Pc || Garlic bread baked to perfection with cheese. ₹149
Supreme Garlic Bread| 1 Pc ||Super cheesy garlic bread topped with onions, jalapinos, sweet corn & olives. ₹169
Paneer Tikka Garlic Bread| 1 Pc ||Cheesy garlic bread topped with Chunks of juicy paneer & red paprika. ₹179
English Chicken Garlic Bread| 1 Pc ||Cheesy garlic bread topped with Smoked Chicken & BBQ Chicken.₹169
Mutton Keema Garlic Bread[3 Pcs] Cheesy garlic bread topped with Mutton Keema & Jalapenos.₹189

La Pino’z Pizza Combos Price

Margherita + Cheesy Garlic Bread + Coke
(Meal for One)
Margherita (Reg) + Cheesy Garlic Bread + Coke₹320
Spring Fling + Cheesy Garlic Bread + Coke
(Meal for One)
Spring Fling Slice + Cheesy Garlic Bread + Coke₹365
Cheesy 7 + Cheesy Garlic Bread + Coke
(Meal for One)
Cheesy 7 Slice + Cheesy Garlic Bread + Coke₹430
Super Bbq + Cheesy Garlic Bread + Coke
(Meal for One)
Super BBQ Slice + Cheesy Garlic Bread +Coke₹340
Chicago Delight + Cheesy Garlic Bread + Coke
(Meal for One)
Chicago Delight Slice + Cheesy Garlic Bread + Coke₹430
Onion Pizza + Sweet Corn Pizza + Cheesy Garlic Bread + Coke
(Meal for Two)
Onion Pizza (Reg) + Sweet Corn Pizza (Reg) + Cheesy Garlic Bread + Coke₹370
Onion Pizza + Sweet Corn Pizza + Choco Lava + Coke
(Meal for Two)
Onion Pizza (Reg) + Sweet Corn Pizza (Reg) + Choco Lava + Coke₹375
Exotic Tikka Pizza + Sweet Corn Pizza + Cheesy Garlic Bread+ Coke
(Meal for Two)
Exotic Tikka Pizza (Reg) + Sweet Corn Pizza (Reg) + Cheesy Garlic Bread + Coke₹485
Exotic Tikka Pizza+Keema And Onion Pizza+Cheesy Garlic Bread+Coke
(Meal for Two)
Exotic Tikka Pizza (Reg) + Keema and Onion Pizza (Reg) + Cheesy Garlic Bread + Coke₹525
Onion Pizza+Sweet Corn Pizza+Capsicum Pizza+Cheesy Garlic Bread+Coke
(Meal for Three)
Onion Pizza (Reg) + Sweet Corn Pizza (Reg) + Capsicum Pizza (Reg) + Cheesy Garlic Bread + Coke₹480
Onion Pizza+Sweet Corn Pizza+Capsicum Pizza+Choco Lava+Coke
(Meal for Three)
Onion Pizza (Reg) + Sweet Corn Pizza (Reg) + Capsicum Pizza (Reg) + Choco Lava + Coke₹485
Exotic Tikka+Keema And Onion Pizza+Super Bbq+Cheesy Garlic Bread+Coke
(Meal for Three)
Exotic Tikka Pizza (Reg) + Keema and Onion Pizza(Reg) + Super BBQ (Reg) + Cheesy Garlic Bread + Coke₹715


La Pinoz Pizza is a popular place for pizza lovers in India. The chain offers a wide variety of pizzas and Italian dishes at affordable prices. Their pizza and other food items taste is top notch. La Pinoz Pizza also increased it’s food quality and now give tough competition to other pizza chains. La Pinoz Pizza has also received various awards for its pizzas. If you are looking for a affordable and best pizza in India, La Pinoz Pizza is a place to go. I hope you like our blog La Pino’z Pizza Menu | La Pino’z Pizza Price and also like to read our other blogs.