KFC Chicken Bucket Price

KFC Chicken Bucket Price: KFC India is a famous fast food franchise in India. It is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands and has a significant presence in Indian cities and towns. KFC India has a broad menu that appeals to the Indian taste buds. In India and all over world KFC is famous for its fried chicken, which is seasoned with a unique blend of Indian spices.

The KFC Chicken Bucket is a favourite meal option for lots of people. It comes with a huge bucket of crispy fried chicken pieces, seasoned with a special combination of herbs and spices. This delightful treat is good for sharing with loved ones. The crunchy texture combined with the juicy meat makes the KFC Chicken Bucket an enjoyable choice for chicken fans.

So, Here Are the KFC Chicken Bucket Price :

Buckets/ Meals for 1-2 (up to 15% off)

Chicken Bucket for TwoFlat Rs. 115 off with this variety combo of 2pc Hot & Crispy Chicken, 2 pc Smoky Red Chicken & a Large Popcorn [serves 2-3]₹599.05
Chicken Krisper Burger ComboSave Rs. 57 on Deal combo of 2 chicken value burgers, 2 pc Hot & Crispy, 2 dips (20gm each) & a chilled Pepsi PET 475 ml [Serves 1-2]₹539.05
Chicken Mingles Bucket MealSave Rs. 63 on this crowd favorite combo of 4 Hot Wings, 2 Chicken Peri Peri Boneless Strips, a Reg Popcorn, medium fries & a chilled Pepsi PET 475ml [serves 2 ]₹499.05

Chicken Wings Combo
Save Rs. 55 & Enjoy 2pc Hot & Crispy Chicken, 4 chicken wings , 2 dips & a chilled Pepsi Black [serves 1-2]₹464.76

Chicken Super Snacker Combo
Save Rs. 30 with best of snacks with a Medium Chicken Popcorn, 4 strips, 1 dip & a chilled Pepsi Black [serves 1-2]₹458.10

Chicken Strips Solo Combo
Save Rs. 25 & Go solo with 1 pc Hot & Crispy Chicken, 3 strips, Medium Fries & a chilled Pepsi Black [serves 1]₹422.86
Chicken Mingles BucketSave Rs. 26 and Mingle with 4 Chicken Hot Wings, 2 Chicken peri peri boneless strips & a Regular Popcorn [serves 1-2]₹379.05
Chicken & French Fries BucketCrowd-favorite combo of 2pc Hot & Crispy Chicken with Medium French Fries₹299.05
Chicken Popcorn & French Fries BucketLarge Chicken Popcorn with Med French Fries – at a deal price₹319.05
Note – GST extra as applicable

Buckets/ Meals for 3-4 (up to 35% off)

All in One Chicken BucketSave 24% with variety bucket of 1 Leg Pc, 1 Hot & Crispy, 2 Wings, 2 Strips, 1 Zinger Fillet, 3 Dips [20gm each] & 1 Pepsi 475 ml [Serves 2-3]₹548.57

Ultimate Savings Chicken Bucket
Save 35% on our signature bucket of 4pc Hot & crispy chicken, 6 Wings, 4 chicken Peri Peri Boneless strips, 2 Dips (20gm each) & a Pepsi PET 475ml [serves 2-3 ]₹699.05
Stay Home Chicken BucketSave 24% & enjoy 4pc Hot & Crispy Chicken, 4 Hot Wings, 6 chicken peri peri boneless strips & 2 delicious dips (20gm each) [serves 3]₹799.05
Big 12 – Chicken BucketSave 26% on 6pc Hot & Crispy Chicken, 6 Hot Wings & 2 dips (20gm each) [serves 2- 3]₹748.57
Big 8 – Chicken BucketSave 27% on this variety bucket of 4pc Hot & Crispy chicken & 4pc Smoky Red chicken [serves 2- 3 ]₹699.05
Note – GST extra as applicable

Hot & Crispy Chicken, Wings

Hot & Crispy Chicken – 8 pcsSave Rs. 182 & get 8pc signature Hot & crispy chicken [serves 3-4]₹768.57
Hot & Crispy Chicken -6pcFlat 10% off on 6pc signature Hot & crispy chicken [serves 2-3]₹628.57
Hot & Crispy Chicken-4pcSave Rs. 34 on 4 pc of signature Hot & Crispy Chicken at a deal price₹428.57

Hot & Crispy Chicken -2pc
Signature Hot & crispy chicken₹229.52
Hot Chicken Wings – 4pcSeasoned, signature KFC chicken wings₹179.05
Hot & Crispy Chicken-1pcSignature Hot & crispy chicken₹115.24
Note – GST extra as applicable


The KFC is a popular option among Indians, to eat fried chicken. While the price of the KFC Chicken Bucket varies depending on region and promotions, it is an good option for many. The KFC Chicken Bucket is popular among individuals, families and friends due to its valuable serving size and tasty chicken pieces. Whether you’re looking for an instant meal or planning a get together, the KFC India offers a delicious and satisfying meals at a affordable price.