Gulati Restaurant Pandara Road Menu | Gulati Restaurant Menu Price

Gulati Restaurant Pandara Road Menu | Gulati Restaurant Menu Price: Gulati Restaurant is a famous Indian restaurant, Which is located in Pandara Road, Delhi. The restaurant was founded by Mr. Gulati in 1959.

First, It was started as a small dhaba but it’s dishes became popular and now they opened a luxurious big space restaurant in Pandara Road, New Delhi.

Gulati Restaurant is famous for it’s North Indian dishes. Their north indian dishes variety is huge. Some of the most popular dishes are butter chicken, tandoori chicken, kebabs, biryani and dal makhani.

Gulati Restaurant’s food is prepared in a traditional method, they make food with their own masalas. Their food taste is same as it was in 1950’s.

Gulati Restaurant also served a Buffet Lunch for it’s customer. The buffet menu changes every day, They serves more than 25 varieties in it’s Buffet Lunch. The timing for Gulati buffet lunch is 12 to 4.00 P.M. on weekdays and 12 to 4.30 P.M. on weekends. The price of Buffet is ₹975/person for adults and ₹749/person for children.

During the Navratra time, Gulati restaurant offer Navratri Thali to it’s customer. In navratri thali they serve vegetarian meals, which are made without onion and garlic. 

Gulati Restaurant Pandara Road is a High price restaurant. Their menu rates are high compare to other Indian restaurants. The average price for two people, including drinks is around 2,500.

Gulati Restaurant Veg Starters Price

Mushroom 65[Spicy] The Vegetarian’S Favorite Prepared From Pan Fried Mushrooms With Chopped Garlic, Spring Onion And Hyderabadi Spices.₹575
Paneer – 65[Spicy] Small Succulent Pieces Of Diced Paneer Marinated In Hot Hyderabadi Spices & Pan-Fried.₹575
Paneer GilafiAn Extraordinary Grilled Seekh Made With Mashed Paneer & Semolina.₹575
Tandoori AlooRoasted Potato Barrels Stuffed With Cottage Cheese, Raisins & Pomegranate.₹575
Mushroom GaloutiAn Aromatic Blend Of Mushroom, Onion, Cottage Cheese & Spices Shallow Fried To Perfection.₹635
Tandoori Bharwan MushroomFreshly Grilled Mushroom Marinated In Yoghurt & Spices With Flavourful Stuffing₹635
Veg Seekh KebabA speciality kebab made from choicest vegetables, grilled in clay oven.₹635
Dahi Ke Kebab[Chef Special] A Unique Skilled Speciality. Made From Dumplings Of Spiced Hung Yoghurt, Shallow Fried To A Glowing Golden Finish₹680
Gulati Special Paneer Tikka Lajawab[Spicy] [Cube Chunks Of Cottage Cheese, Charcoal Grilled With A Special Flavourful Spices Marination Made In A Unique Style]₹680
Hara Bhara Cheese KebabA Specialty Kebab Made From Spinach, Potato, Cheese, Topped With Garam Masala And Shallow Fried To Mouth-Watering Finish.₹680
Paneer Malai TikkaCubes of fresh cottage cheese marinated with mild spices and yoghurt, skewered over charcoal.₹680
Paneer Tikka[Spicy] Freshly Grilled Cottage Cheese Cubes Marinated In Spices & Yoghurt.₹680
Shahi Veg PlatterVeg Seekh Kebab + Paneer Tikka + Dahi Ke Kebab + Tandoori Aloo₹1120
Veg Galouti[Chef Special] A Speciality Kebab Made From Seasonal Vegetables, Shallow Fried To An Exclusive Mouth-Watering Finish.₹680
Gulati Special Lajawab Platter[Spicy] Paneer tikka lajawab + mushroom galouti & veg seekh kebab₹899

Gulati Restaurant Non Veg Starters Price

Kashmiri Kebab[Chef Spl] Tender, Boneless Chicken Pieces In A Unique Marinate Of Bengal Gram Paste, Grilled In An Earthen Oven & Coated With Egg Yolk.₹795
Murgh Tikka[Spicy] [Chef Spl] Succulent Pieces Of Boneless Chicken Marinated In Ginger, Garlic And Aromatic Spices, Roasted In A Tandoor.₹795
Tandoori Chicken[Spicy] [ Chef Spl] A Whole Chicken Marinated In Yoghurt And Select Spices, Roasted To Perfection In Clay Oven.₹575
Murgh Seekh KebabSeekhs Of Chicken Mince Adorned With Dry Fruits To Add The True Shahi Flavour.₹765
Tangdi KebabTender Chicken Drumsticks Marinated In Exotic Spices Skewered & Charcoal Grilled.₹765
Chicken 65[Spicy] Small Succulent Pieces Of Diced Chicken Marinated In Hot Hyderabadi Spices And Pan-Fried.₹765
Shahi Nawabi Murgh Kebab[Highly Recommended] [Our Innovative Creation. Tender, Succulent Chicken Drumsticks In A Unique Flavour]₹795
Chicken Neza Kebab[Spicy] Tantalising Chicken Legs Marinated In Aromatic Spices Over A Charcoal Grill [Chef Special]₹850
Murgh Malai Tikka[Chef Spl] Tender, Melt In The Mouth Kebab Made From Boneless Chicken Pieces Flavoured With Herbs, Charcoal Grilled.₹850
Gulati Special Murgh Aur Gosht Ki Miloni SeekhThe Best Of Both Worlds. Our New & Unique Miloni Seekh Brings Together The Best Of Both Minced Meat & Minced Chicken.₹759
Mutton Kastoori Kebab [Mutton Seekh Kebab]Grilled Skewers Of Fenugreek Spiced Minced Meat With Garlic, Finished With Almonds.₹799
Kakori KebabA Rare Minced Meat Delicacy Grilled With An Exclusive Marinade.₹859
Mutton Burrah Akbari[Spicy] Mutton Chops, Marinated Overnight With Yoghurt Cheese & Malt Vinegar, Spiced With Royal Cumin And Pepper, Roasted In The Tandoor.₹959
Fish – 65[Spicy] Small Succulent Pieces Of Diced Fish Marinated In Hot Hyderabadi Spices & Pan-Fried.₹875
Amritsari FishFish Marinated In A Traditional Way In A Mixture Containing Egg And Then Deep Fried To Tender Perfection.₹985
Fish Tikka LajawabYoghurt Marinated Fish Chunks Spiced And Grilled Over Glowing Charcoal.₹985
Non Veg Khazana[Spicy] Tangdi Kebab + Kakori Kebab + Fish Tikka₹1149
Mahi Aur Gosht PlatterFish Tikka + Kastoori Kebab + Mutton Burrah₹1299
Shahi Murgh PlatterMurgh Malai Tikka + Tandoori Chicken + Murgh Seekh Kebab₹1340
Shahi Non Veg Platter[Spicy] Murgh Seekh Kebab + Neza Kebab + Kastoori Kebab + Burrah Akbari₹1599
Gulati Restaurant Pandara Road Menu | Gulati Restaurant Menu Price

Gulati Restaurant Veg Main Course Price

Aloo Gobhi [Seasonal]
[Spicy] [Seasonal] A Traditional Pungent Recipe. Florets Of Cauliflower Cooked With Potatoes And Chef’S Special Blend Of Spices.₹585
Aloo Methi [Seasonal][Seasonal] The Staple Potato, Green Leafy Spinach & Fenugreek, Cooked To Perfection With Zesty Onion & Tomato.₹585
Bharwan Karela[Spicy] A Delectable Vegetarian Dish Of Bitter-Gourd Stuffed With A Mixture Of Cottage Cheese & Dry Fruits Simmered Gently In An Exquisitely Spiced Gravy.₹585
Bhindi Masala[Spicy] A Delectable Vegetarian Dish Of Lady Finger Cooked In Onion & Tomato Masala.₹585
Corn Capsicum Masala[Spicy] A Unique, Colourful Combination Of Yellow Corn And Green Capsicum Saut₹585
Corn Palak MethiCorn, Stir-Fried With Spinach, Fenugreek And Tomatoes, Garnished With Coriander & Ginger Juliennes.₹585
Hyderabadi Dum Ke Aloo
[Spicy] A Vegetarian Adaptation Of The Traditional Dum Recipes.
Jeera AlooDiced Potatoes Tempered With Cumin.₹585
Kurkuri Bhindi[Spicy] An Appetizing Crispy Version Of The All Time & Everyone₹585
Papad Pyaz Ki Subzi[Spicy] An Innovative New Dish Prepared From Fried Papad & Spring Onions.₹585
Kadhai MushroomA Gourmet’S Delight. Mushrooms Cooked In A₹615
Khumb Hara PyazA Vegetarian’S Delight Of Mushrooms With Green Onions Sauteed In Exotic, Aromatic Herbs & Spices.₹615
Mattar Methi MalaiA Delightful Blend Of Dry Fenugreek In Spinach Gravy With Soft Green Peas, Finished With Cream.₹615
Mutter MushroomA Vegetarian’S Delight Of Mushrooms With Peas And Onions Saut₹615
Navratan KhormaA Combination Of ‘Nine’ Vegetables Cooked To Perfection In Traditional Khorma Style.₹585
Subz Mela [Mix Veg]Fresh Vegetables Cooked In A Richly Spiced & Invigorating Masala, Crowned With Ginger Juliennes.₹615
Palak KoftaSoft Dumplings With Stuffed Dry Fruits; Cooked In A Smooth Spinach Gravy.₹615
Dilpasand Malai KoftaSoft Dumplings Made Of Fresh Cottage Cheese And Potatoes, With Stuffed Dry Fruits; Simmered In A Smooth Light Yellow Gravy.₹645
Hyderabadi Vegetable Handi[Chef Spl] An Interesting Mix Of Fresh Vegetables Cooked In Hyderabadi Style [Served In Handi]₹645
Tawa Vegetables[Spicy] Choice Of Vegetables Like Bitter Gourd, Ladyfinger, Arum, Mushroom, Corn Saut₹645
Palak PaneerAn All Time Favourite. Cubes Of Fresh Cottage Cheese, Simmered In A Smooth Spinach Gravy, Finished With Cream.₹615
Kadhai Paneer[Spicy] A Gourmet’S Delight. Cubes Of Fresh Cottage Cheese Cooked In A₹645
Paneer Kali Mirch[Spicy] Cubes Of Fresh Cottage Cheese Cooked In A Thick Gravy, Rich In Black Pepper – The King Of Spices.₹645
Paneer Lababdar[Chef Spl] Cubes Of Fresh Cottage Cheese Cooked In Rich Onion Tomato Gravy.₹645
Paneer MakhaniCubes Of Cottage Cheese Cooked In Fresh Tomato And Butter Gravy₹645
Shahi Paneer[Chef Spl] Slices Of Fresh Cottage Cheese Simmered In A Rich Tomato & Cashew Gravy Laced With Butter And Cream.₹645
Punjabi Chole[Spicy] White Grams Cooked In Traditional Style Gravy With Aromatic Herbs And Rare Spices.₹549
Dal MakhaniOur Chef’S Speciality. A Black Lentil Delicacy Gently Cooked With Exotic Spices Simmered Overnight On The Tandoor, Finished With Butter And Cream.₹599
Yellow Dal[Spicy] An In House Lentil Speciality, Tempered With Zeera And Flavoured With Aromatic Spices.₹589

Gulati Restaurant Non Veg Main Course Price

Kadhai Murgh Masaledar[Spicy] Tender Pieces Of Chicken Cooked In An Abundance Of Tomatoes, Capsicum, Fresh Herbs & Spices.₹825
Murgh Makhani [Butter Chicken]A Universal Favourite, Tender, Roasted Chicken Pieces Simmered In A Satin Smooth Tomato & Creamy Gravy.₹825
Chicken Methi MalaiClay Oven Roasted, Tender Juicy Chicken Pieces, Simmered In A Satin Spinach Gravy, Finished With Cream.₹785
Hyderabadi Dum Ka ChickenChicken Pieces Sealed & Simmered On Low Flame In Signature Hyderabadi Spices₹785
Murgh Kali Mirch[Spicy] Soft & Tender Boneless Chicken Portions Cooked In A Thick Gravy, Rich In Black Pepper – The King Of Spices.₹785
Murgh Khatta Pyaz [Boneless]Tender Pieces Of Chicken Cooked With Our All Time Favourite”Sirka Onions” In A Semi Dry Gravy To Give It A Tangy And Unique Flavour [Spicy]₹785
Saag ChickenSoft & Tender Boneless Chicken Portions Cooked In A Smooth Spinach Gravy₹785
Chicken LababdarBoneless Pieces Of Chicken Cooked In Rich Onion Tomato Gravy To Deliciousness₹825
Hyderabadi Murgh Handi[Spicy] Chicken Pieces Simmered On Low Flame In A Rich Tomato Onion Hyderabadi Gravy With Boiled Egg.₹825
Murgh Gulati BemisaalOur Chef’S Exclusive Creation. An Unusual Combination Of Chicken Pieces, Finely Minced Mutton & Egg, Cooked In A Delicious Thick Gravy.₹825
Murgh Tikka MasalaSpiced, Boneless Chicken Pieces With Thick Onion Tomato Masala.₹825
Fish Curry[Spicy] Fresh Fish Cooked In Mouth Watering Tomato Based Curry, In A Traditional Hyderabadi Recipe Style.₹915
Fish Tikka MasalaPieces Of Marinated Fish Tikka Cooked In Thick Tomato Onion Masala And Spices.₹915
Gosht Achari[Spicy] Tender Pieces Of Mutton, Cooked In Thick Onion Tomato Gravy, Flavoured With Pungent Pickles.₹799
Kastoori GoshtTender Pieces Of Mutton Cooked In Onion Tomato Gravy With Traditional Indian Spices Including Kastoori Methi & Garam Masala.₹799
Keema Mutter[Spicy] A Minced Mutton & Green Peas Delicacy Stewed With Indian Spices ₹799
Mutton Do Pyaza[Spicy] A Delhi Adaptation Of The Popular Hyderabadi Mutton Do Pyaza Recipe.₹799
Handi GoshtTender Chunky Pcs Of Mutton Cooked In Hyderabadi Spices Served In A Handi. [A Must Try Dish]₹799
Rarha MeatSucculent Pieces Of Tender Mutton And Finely Minced Mutton Slowly Cooked To Perfection. Our Chef’S Speciality.₹849
Rogan JoshA Gourmet’S Delight, Spiced Mutton Curry Cooked With Aromatic Herbs.₹849

Gulati Restaurant Rice Price

Hyderabadi Veg Dum Biryani [Tahiri][Served In Handi With Mirch Ka Salan & Boorani Raita]₹629
Hyderabadi Dumpukht Biryani [Chicken][Served In Handi With Mirch Ka Salan & Boorani Raita]₹779
Hyderabadi Dumpukht Biryani [Mutton][Served In Handi With Mirch Ka Salan & Boorani Raita]₹839
Kashmiri PulaoA Mild & Fragrant Basmati Rice Delicacy, Delicately Garnished With Dry Fruits.₹519
Mutton Pulao₹839
Veg Pulao₹519
Paneer Pulao₹519
Jeera Pulao₹499
Plain Rice₹419

Gulati Restaurant Naan Aur Rotiyan Price

Butter Roomali Roti₹135
Chilli Garlic Roomali₹145
Jalapeno Naan/ Parantha₹190
Jalapeno Naan/ Parantha₹190
Butter Roti₹110
Roomali Roti₹125
Gur Ka Parantha₹160
Khasta Roti₹165
Missi Masala Roti₹165
Plain Naan₹170
Ajwaini Paratha₹180
Butter Naan₹185
Hari Mirch Ka Paratha₹180
Lachha Paratha₹180
Olive Naan₹190
Bharwan Naan₹245
Bharwan Paratha₹245
Cheese Naan₹245
Garlic Naan₹245
Punjabi Chur Chur Naan₹245
Cheese Garlic Naan₹255
Cheese Garlic Parantha₹255
Gulatis Special Shahi Bharwan Bread Basket
Cheese Naan + Garlic Naan + Olive Paratha
Mixed Bread Basket
Pudina Paratha + Plain Naan + Butter Naan + Missi Masala Roti + Roomali Roti [Plain]

Gulati Restaurant Meethai Ka Daur Price

Fruit Cream₹285
Gulab Jamun₹285
Mung Dal Halwa₹305
Gulatis Special Dessert Platter₹365

Gulati Restaurant Drinks (Beverages) Price

Chocolate Oreo Shake
Cucumber Lime Refresher
Masala Zero Coke
Peach Iced Tea
Masala Coke
Masala Diet Coke₹170
Masala Sprite₹170
Masala Thumsup₹170
Nimbu Shikanji₹175
Badam Thandai Bahar₹175
Choice Of Mocktails₹225
Aam Ka Panna₹175
Lemon Ice Tea₹199
Fresh Lime Soda₹199
Kiwi Kooler₹225
Paan Gulkand Mojito₹225
Virgin Mojito₹225
Natural Mineral Water₹38


Gulati Restaurant Pandara Road is a famous restaurant, Which is located in New Delhi. It is popular for its authentic North Indian, Mughlai and Hyderabadi cuisine. They are serving traditional Indian food from last 70 years. Gulati Restaurant is also known for its warm and friendly atmosphere. Gulati Restaurant Pandara Road is a famous among tourists also. People who visit delhi also love to come here for delicious meal. Overall, Gulati Restaurant Pandara Road is a best place to enjoy north indian food. I hope you like our blog Gulati Restaurant Pandara Road Menu | Gulati Restaurant Menu Price and also like to read our other blogs.