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Chicking Menu | Chicking Menu Price: ChicKing is an Indian fast food chain. It was started by A. K. Mansoor in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in 2000. The company’s headquarters is located in Kochi, Kerala, India.

Currently, It has more than 250 stores in 30 countries. In India the First outlet was opened in MG Road and now they have more than 50 outlets in India. Chicking serves Indian, Arabic and western food in their outlets.

Chicking have a wide variety of menu, their famous items are Pizza, Burgers, Biryani, Rice Bowl Chicken and Tacos.

Box Meals

Star Box
(Chickpop [Medium]+Hot Wings [4 Pieces])
Snack Box
(1 Tacos+Chicken [1 Piece]+2 Hot Wings)
Supreme Meal
(Wings [6 Pieces]+1 Fries [Large]+Beverage [330 ml])
Burger Box
(1 M Crunchy Burger+Chicken [1 Piece]+Coke [330 ml])
Super Box
(Chicken [2 Pieces]+1 Bun+Fries [Medium])
Share a Burger Meal
(2 Royal crunchy burger.)

Pizza Mania

Veg Exotica PizzaClassic sauce topped with mozzarella cheese, red onion, mushrooms, green pepper, black olives, diced tomatoes and corn.₹239
Margherita PizzaClassic sauce topped with mozzarella cheese.₹189
Mexicano PizzaMexicano, classic sauce topped with mozzarella cheese and Mexican grilled chicken, slices of mushrooms, red onions and green peppers.₹279
Dynamite PizzaDynamite pizza is savory dish of Italian origin. It is usually round in shape with flattened base topped with cheese, tomatoes, olives, chicken and various other ingredients. It is then baked with certain temperature in a oven. Dynamite chicken pizza is a favorite one for of all ages.₹279
BBQ Chicken PizzaMade with BBQ sauce, red onion with mozzarella cheese on pre baked crusts for an easy weeknight dinner.₹279
Royal Supreme PizzaClassic sauce topped with mozzarella cheese, chicken salami, tandoori bites, slices of mushrooms, green pepper, red onion & black olives.₹279
Chicking Menu


Chicken Nuggets [5 Pieces]₹109
Veg Poppers [12 Pieces]₹89
Tandoori Bites [12 Pieces]₹219
Veg Nuggets [5 Pieces]₹99

Sea Food Delight

Prawns Wrap₹209
Prawns Burger₹199
Crunchy Fish Burger₹209
Shrimp Bites [6 Pieces]₹139
Crunchy Prawns₹259
Shrimp Nuggets [6 Pieces]₹209
Tuna Burger₹199
Tuna Wrap₹199

Crispy Tacos and Wraps

Non Veg Royal Wrap₹189
Chicken Mexican Grilled Wrap₹179
Crispy Chicken Tacos₹149
Veg Royal Wrap₹179
Crispy Veg Tacos₹139

Burgers and Meals

Rapid Booster Burger₹149
Mexican Grill Burger₹199
Burger Bulk Meal
(1 Veg Pizza Burger +2 Veg Delight Burger)
Mexican Grilled Chicken Burger₹199
Booster Meal
(Rapid Booster Burger+Wings [8 Pieces]+Fries [Large])
M Crunchy Burger
(Crispy and Crunchy Spicy Chicken Burger)
Chicken Mexita Burger₹249
Royal Crunchy Chicken Burger₹189
Crunchy Supreme Burger₹229
Tandoori Chicken Burger₹195
Burger Pack
(2 Delight Veg Burger+2 Chicken Delight Burger)
2x Rapid Booster₹269
Burger Meal
(1 Royal Crunchy Burger+Fries+Coke [330 ml])
Solo Feast
(Rapid Booster Burger+Chickpop [Large, 1 Piece])

Rice Bowl Chicken

Chickpop Rice Bowl
(Chickpop+Biryani Rice)
Rice Meal
(Chicken [1 Piece]+1 Chicking Rice+Strips [2 Pieces])
Biryani Rice Bowl
(Chicken Biryani Rice+Grilled Chicken [1 Piece])
Biryani Rice₹179


Drink ( 330 Ml)₹60
Fries (M)₹99
Dip Combo₹99
Veg Nuggets₹99
Veg Tacos₹129
Biriyani Rice₹169
4 Pc Chicken Hotwings₹99
1 Pcs Crispy Chicken₹119


ChicKing is an Indian-Arabian fast food chain. The chain provides a variety of products like fried chicken, grilled chicken, peri-peri chicken, burgers, pizza and desserts. ChicKing recently opened their outlets in Australia and New Zealand. They are now expanding their businees into other countries. I hope you like our blog Chicking Menu | Chicking Menu Price and also like to read our other blogs.