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Chaayos Menu | Chaayos Tea Price | Chaayos Near Me: Chaayos is a tea café chain in India. It is started by Nitin Saluja and Raghav Verma in 2012. They opened their first outlet in DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon. Currently, they have over 200 outlets in 15 cities.

Chaayos is famous for it’s innovative tea menu. They broadly customised their tea menu and now has a wide tea menu for it’s customer. Chaayos serves different type of tea like black tea, green tea, and herbal tea. Their popular teas are Adrak Chai, Elaichi Chai, Masala Chai and Kulhad Chai.

The company also offers other beverages like Coffee, Shake, Frappe and cold coffee. Beside tea Chaayos also offer variety of snacks and food items such as sandwiches, Poha, Pav Bhaji, Bun & Pav, wraps, and pastries.

If you are looking for a good place to enjoy a cup of tea and relax, Chaayos is a good place to go.

Chaayos Chai Price

Desi ChaiCustomize your chai by adding adrak, tulsi, cinnamon and 9 other immunity boosting add-ons₹129
Masala ChaiYour chai made with a mixture of aromatic herbs and spices₹129
Ginger TeaGinger/Adrak Tea made with fresh ginger₹129
Elaichi ChaiDesi chai with elaichi flavor₹129
Kulhad ChaiSpecial Saffron Masala Chai served in traditional Indian Kulhad₹159
Kesar ChaiOur Kesar Chai is brewed craftily with rich and aromatic Saffron. Served in a Kulhad and garnished with just a touch of Saffron.₹209
Kadak ChaiYour Kadak Chai, just the way you like it!₹119

Chaayos Special Chai Price

Almonds ChaiA rich, thick, creamy indulgence Chai with Almonds and Winter Spice – truly Royal Chai!₹199
Vegan ChaiKadak Chai with almond Milk₹219
Lemon Grass ChaiA perfect cup for Monsoons, with the freshness of Lemongrass & Ginger₹159
Black Tea(Serves 4, 400ml) No Sugar, Strong dark Classic Assam tea₹219
Chaayos Menu

Chaayos Coffee Price

Desi Filter CoffeeThe ultimate taste of South India – Coffee or KAAPI!₹189
Black CoffeeIndulge in the rich, aromatic & bold flavor of black coffee₹159
Hot ChocolateThick and luscious hot chocolate. Feels like a hug in a mug!₹229

Chaayos Green Teas Price

Honey Ginger Lemon (400ml, Serves 4)Perfect tonic to kick the cold₹319
Kashmiri Kahwa (400ml, Serves 4)Name says it all- traditional Kashmiri drink with cloves, cinnamon and cardamom₹319
Green Tea (400ml, Serves 4)Boost your immunity with antiviral properties of Green Tea₹219
Detox KahwaDetox your body with this mix of Green Tea with 8 unique spices₹259
Herbal Green tea (400ml, Serves 4)Rich in anti-oxidants,our customers also know it as Gods Chai₹319

Chaayos Cold Beverages Price

Dark Chocolate Chai Frappe[450 ml] Chilled creamy blend of milk, tea liquor and dark chocolate flavor, garnished with cookie crumbs.₹289
Cinnamon Honey Chai Frappe[450 ml] Chilled creamy blend of milk, tea liquor and cinnamon flavor, garnished with cookie crumbs.₹259
Caramel Chai Frappe[450 ml] Chilled creamy blend of milk, tea liquor and caramel flavor, garnished with cookie crumbs.₹259

Chaayos Shakes Price

Chocolate Shake[300 mL] An ultimate bliss for all the chocolate lovers₹239
Desi Cold Coffee[300 mL] Simple and refreshing Cold Coffee₹239
Badam Thandai[300 mL] New desi drink loaded with badam, perfect to beat the heat₹239

Chaayos Coolers Price

Modinagar Shikanji[300 mL] The celebrated Modinagar Shikanji to electrify your body and mind₹189
Mint Lemonade[300 mL] Refreshing summer cooler with invigorating mint flavour₹189
Lemon Iced Tea[300 mL] Lemon flavoured Iced Tea to revitalise your senses₹209
Peach Iced Tea[300 mL] Peach flavoured Iced Tea to refresh your mood₹209
Mineral Water[500 ml] Safe & hygienic bottle of water to quench your thirst₹57.14

Chaayos Bun & Pav Snacks Price

Nutella Chocolate BunKids Special : Tasty mushy bun, with the right balance of butter and decent filling of Nutella₹119
Bun BhujiaEveryday comfort food – bun maska with crunchy Bhujia₹99
Bun Dabeli
A bun filled with sev, peanuts, onion, mashed potatoes,& imly chutney to give a taste of sour, sweet & spicy. After having one buttery dabeli, you will definitely repeat₹169
Bun MaskaFreshly toasted bun with a more than generous dollop of butter₹79
Bun OmeletteFluffy Omelette topped with our secret spice inside a Bun₹179
Bun SamosaAn all-time snack – spicy samosa with chatpata Imli sauce in bun₹159
Keema PavMelt-in-mouth Mutton Keema in a Pav, served with Mint chutney₹179
Vada PavMumbaikar’s spicy Potato Vada served in a Pav, along with some Mint chutney₹99

Chaayos Chaat & Pakoda Price

Baarish Wale PakodeAn assorted platter with onion, paneer , Corn , Aloo & chilly pakodas₹239
Samosa Matar ChaatCrispy & crumbled Samosa topped with spicy Amritsari Matar & tangy Imly chutney₹199
Palak Patta ChaatFeel like eating something chatpata and fried, yet light? Palak patta crispies(6 pieces) with Jalapenos and Imly chutney will make your day₹219
Kala Chana Chaat
Spicy and tangy black chickpeas, onion, and tomatoes flavored with spices₹179

Chaayos Chai Combos Price

Desi Chai with Bun MaskaDesi Chai with Bun Maska (Serves 1)₹199
Desi Chai with Bun BhujiaDesi Chai with Bun Bhujia (Serves 1)₹219
Desi Chai with Bun SamosaDesi Chai with Bun Samosa (Serves 1)₹279
Desi Chai with Bun OmeletteDesi Chai with Bun Omelette (Serves 1)₹299
Desi Chai with Homestyle UpmaEnjoy freshly made Ghee upma with Desi Chai made as per your taste! (Serves 1)₹289
Desi Chai with Samosa Matar ChaatEnjoy your all-time favourite Samosa Matar Chaat with Meri wali chai (Serves 1)₹319
Desi Chai with Mom’s PohaDesi Chai with Mom’s Poha (Serves 1)₹249
Desi Chai with Vada PavLight snacking with Vada pav and Meri wali chai (Serves 1)₹219

Chaayos All Day Breakfast Snacks Price

BhelpuriTangy & spicy Bombay bhel₹159
Mom’s PohaHome-style Poha with the tanginess of Lemon & crispiness of Peanuts₹129
Homestyle UpmaTraditional Indian Breakfast₹169
Podi IdliSouth India’s masterpiece to surprise your taste buds. sarso , curry leaves, urad dal & gun powder.₹219

Chaayos Meals Price

Anda ParathaTrendy and tasty open Egg Paratha, with a crunchy crust. The Egg on top is baked to perfection, with the right amount of onions and spices.₹169
Matar KulchaDelhi’s classic street food₹239
Pav BhajiAll time favourite spicy and buttery Pav Bhaji₹259

Chaayos Sandwiches Price

Homestyle Aloo SandwichNostalgic aloo sandwich, stuffed with love and lots of flavors₹169
Garden Fresh SandwichUltimate healthy sandwich with fresh & crunchy veggies₹209
Spinach Corn Cheese SandwichFresh Spinach & crispy Corn sandwiched with melted cheese!₹229
Kasundi Paneer SandwichPaneer cubes in our secret Kasundi sauce served with cheese in a sandwich bread₹259
Chicken Tikka SandwichSucculent Chicken Tikka in Multigrain bread with Green Chili Mayo, Onions and Capsicum₹249

Chaayos Patty & Rolls Price

Veg PuffThe crunchiest vegetable puff that melts in your mouth, leaving you wanting for more. Comes in a triangular shape.₹89
Chicken PuffSucculent chicken, sauteed with onions and spices, with a crunchy outer crust! Comes in a square shape.₹109
Paneer Tikka Veg RollSoft Paneer Tikka pieces wrapped in a crunchy Malabar Paratha, with Red & Green Chili Mayo, Onions, Capsicum and Tomato.₹209
Chicken Tikka RollSucculent Chicken Tikka wrapped in a crunchy Malabar Paratha, with Red & Green Chili Mayo, Onions, Capsicum and Tomato.₹249


Chaayos is a success story that shows how a simple product such as chai can be turned into a popular and profitable business. The cafe chain is now focusing on expanding it’s outlet numbers in India. Chaayos is a role model for other businesses in India. I hope you like our blog Chaayos Menu | Chaayos Tea Price | Chaayos Near Me and also like to read our other blogs.