Bikanervala Menu | Bikanervala Thali Price

Bikanervala Menu | Bikanervala Thali Price: Bikanervala is a Famous Indian restaurant chain, Bikanervala headquarter is located in Delhi. It is founded by Shyam Sundar Aggarwal in 1950. Beside restaurant business, It also sells traditional Indian snacks, sweets, namkeens and Packed Indian meals.

Bikanervala runs India’s largest restaurant chain, It has 170 outlets both in India and worldwide. Bikanervala Restaurant is also found in New Zealand, Singapore, and America. Bikano is the brand name used by Bikanervala for it’s packaged food. 

Bikanervala is often compared to it’s Indian rival Haldiram’s. Haldiram’s and Bikanervala both have similar business strategies. They both have a broad range of Indian dishes, sweets, snacks and drinks. However, Bikanervala menu is less expensive than Haldiram’s. Bikanervala Thali is also popular among it’s customer. They offer different kinds of thali in their outlets.

The food at Bikanervala is delicious and affordable. Their service is also top notch. If you are looking for a good Indian meal, Bikanervala is the best place to go.

Bikanervala Chatpati Chaat Price

Raj Kachori
A big crispy sphere ball stuffed with diced boiled potatoes and sprouted black gram, tamarind sauce, mint sauce, and sweet curd sprinkled with chaat masala.
Pani Puri – Suji
Traditional Indian style pani-puri served with flavored water.₹65
Pani Puri – AttaTraditional Indian style pani-puri served with flavored water.₹65
Bhalla PapdiCrisp fried papdi along with soft and spongy lentil balls served with yogurt and chutneys.₹150
Dahi BhallaSoft and spongy fried lentil balls served with yogurts and chutneys.₹150
Aloo TikkiCrispy spiced potato patties served with tamarind and mint sauce.₹115
Bhel PuriA spicy dish prepared with puffed rice, onion, exotic spices and hot chutney.₹95
Papdi ChaatCrispy fried flour dough wafers with sprouted black gram, boiled diced potatoes, curd, tamarind and mint sauce sprinkled with chaat masala.₹150
Choley Bhature₹175
Matar Kulcha₹145
Spring Roll₹210
Punjabi Chana Kulcha₹150
Veg Grill Cheese Sandwich₹185
Dhokla Plain₹130

Bikanervala North Indian & Main Course Price

Dal MakhaniThe harmonious blend of black lentils, red kidney beans, tomato, ginger & finished with cream & butter.₹280
Shahi PaneerCottage cheese cubes cooked in rich cashewnut based gravy, lightly spiced & slightly sweet.₹340
Rajma MasalaNorth Indian dish made with kidney beans, onions, tomatoes, spices & herbs.₹220
Kadi PakoraTangy and flavorful Punjabi Kadhi Pakora has deep fried pakoras (fritters) dunked in a tangy yogurt based curry!₹190
Dal TadkaDal Tadka is one of the most popular lentil dish served in our restaurant.₹220
Special PaneerA paneer delicacy with fresh seasonal vegetables cooked with exotic spices.₹340
Daily Special VegetablesMix veg curry is made by cooking a mixture of vegetables together in a traditional Indian onion-tomato gravy. The dish is characterized by multiple flavors due to the addition of many vegetables which also makes it quite nutritious.₹280
Masala ChannaA delicacy based with green chilies, onion, garlic, fresh cilantro, a blend of spices, chickpeas, and tomatoes.₹240
Bikanervala Menu | Bikanervala Thali Price

Bikanervala Thali And Platters Price

Deluxe ThaliServed with One Baby Naan, One Baby Parantha, Dal Makhni, Paneer Subzi, Seasonal Vegetable, Pulao/Rice, Raita, Salad, Papad, Pickle & Sweet₹370
Special Thali with Tandoori RotiServed with Dal Makhni, Paneer Subzi, Two Tandoori Roti / Two Tawa Roti, Pulao, Pickle & Sweet₹275
South Indian PlatterSouth indian combo containing idli, vada, uttapam with sambhar and chutney.₹350
Tandoori PlatterStuffed Tandoori Potatoes+Paneer Tikka+Veg Seekh Kabab+Soya Chaap Masala+Roasted Vegetable Cooked In Tandoor+Dal Makhani+Baby Naan₹380
Chinese PlatterA delicious combo of noodles, fried rice, chilly paneer & manchurian gravy.₹330
Amritsari ThaliAmritsari Kulcha+Amritsari Chole+Raita+Salad+Pickle+Green Chutney [Salad-Subject to Availability]₹220
Dal Makhani with RiceAn ideal dal recipe which taste’s great when served with rice. Basically it is prepared with the combination of black urad dal and rajma beans or kidney beans. Both the grains are slow cooked in a pot and added with cream or malai which adds the richness to this black dal.₹179
Dal Tadka With Fulka (2pcs)_₹170
Shahi Paneer With RiceShahi paneer with rice.₹189
Paneer Kulcha With Dal And RaitaTraditional indian refined flour baked bread stuffed with paneer, cooked in tandoor, drizzled with butter served with dal and raita.₹250
Aloo Kulcha With Dal And RaitaTraditional indian refined flour bread stuffed with aloo masala , baked in tandoor, served with dal & raita.₹240
Kadhi Rice_₹170
Rajma RiceRajma chawal is a rice dish where cooked rice is mixed with rajma masala or kidney beans masala.₹160
Chhole Rice_₹160
Hydrabadi Chaap With Roomali Roti₹220

Bikanervala Bread And Rice Price

Tandoori Butter RotiWhole-wheat bread cooked in a clay oven.₹35
Aloo KulchaSoft and fluffy bread stuffed with potato & onion cooked in a clay oven.₹85
Aloo ParanthaIndian bread stuffed with herbed potato masala₹95
Butter NaanSoft and flat bread cooked in a clay oven served with butter or garlic flavor.₹80
Onion KulchaTraditional indian refined flour baked bread stuffed with onion, cooked in tandoor and drizzled with butter₹90
Parantha LachhaCrispy, flaky and multi layered flat bread cooked in a clay oven served with butter.₹75
Plain NaanTraditional indian refined flour bread baked in tandoor .₹60
Tawa Parantha With CurdIndian flatbreads that are crisper and flakier version of phulkas, traditionally cooked in ghee on an iron skillet served with curd.₹85
Tandoori RotiA very popular indian flatbread recipe traditionally made in tandoor..₹30
Paneer KulchaTraditional Indian refined flour baked bread, stuffed with Paneer, cooked in Tandoor and drizzled with Butter.₹100
PapadFried mini Papad.₹20
Raita BoondiMasala dahi with immersed boondi₹140
Veg. PulaoAssorted vegetables cooked with basmati rice.₹160
Veg Seekh KebabA delicacy contaning a combination of marinated vegetables cooked in tandoor.₹260
Paneer TikkaMarinated paneer With traditional Indian masala cooked in clay oven.₹320
Roomali Roti_₹40
Tawa Fulka_₹27

Bikanervala South Indian Price

Dosa Butter MasalaSpecial Butter Masala Dosa is a combination of butter and Masala which served with Sambhar₹210
Uttapam Mix Veg.Crispy thick rice pancake with vegetable toppings served with sambhar and chutney.₹220
Idli SambharSoft steamed 4 pcs rice cake served with lentil-based vegetable stew & coconut chutney.₹140
Dosa Onion RawaThin pancake made from fermented batter of rice and lentil stuffed with masala onion served with sambhar and chutney.₹210
Dosa PlainCrispy rice crepes served with lentil-based vegetable stew & coconut chutney.₹180
Dosa MasalaCrispy rice crepes stuffed with spiced potato, served with lentil-based vegetable stew & coconut chutney.₹200
Dosa PaneerCrispy rice crepes stuffed with spiced paneer masala, served with sambhar and chutney.₹240
Uttapam PlainCrispy thick rice pancake served with sambhar and chutney.₹190
Uttapam OnionCrispy thick rice pancake with onion toppings served with sambar and chutney.₹220
Uttapam TomatoCrispy thick rice pancake with Tomato toppings served with sambhar and chutney.₹220
Onion Rawa Masala DosaA delicious dosa prepared from rawa and stuffed with onion masala served with sambhar & coconut chutney.₹230
Dosa Rawa MasalaDosa rawa masala₹220
Vada SambharDeep fried dumplings of lentils served with lentil based veg stew and chutney.₹140

Bikanervala Pizza And Pasta Price

Pasta Alfredo₹260
Pizza Bikano₹290
Pasta Arabita₹260
Pizza Mushroom₹250
Pizza Capsicum Tomato₹250
Pizza Veg Cheese₹240
Pizza Veggie (onion Capsicum Tomato)₹270

Bikanervala Drinks (Beverages) Price

Lassi Masala₹98
Lassi Kesaria₹98
Mineral Water Bottle 1 Ltr.₹38.10
Can Pepsi₹57.14
Kesar Pista Badam Milk₹90
Vanilla Milk Shake₹140
Vanilla Milk Shake₹140
Chocolate Milk Shake₹140
Shake Coffee Milk₹140
Cold Coffee₹110
Soda Lime Ice₹140
Blue Ocean₹150


Bikanervala is a great place to try Indian meal, snacks and sweets. The food is delicious and the pricing is reasonable. Bikanervala menu is also very wide, they offer North Indian, South Indian, Italian, American and Chinese food. If you are looking for a good place to try Indian meal, I would definitely recommend it. I hope you like our blog Bikanervala Menu | Bikanervala Thali Price and also like to read our other blogs.