99 Pancakes Menu

99 Pancakes Menu: 99 Pancakes is a beautiful place for all pancakes lovers . With its welcoming ambiance, it has become a popular destination for pancake lovers of all ages. The aroma of freshly made pancakes fills the air, pulling passerby in with its tempting fragrances.

They have a wide variety of French and Holland pancakes. They do have a variety of milkshakes, pastries, cakes and chocolates. Each pancake is perfectly cooked, with a golden brown outer shell and a light airy inside that melts in your mouth.

Here is the 99 Pancakes Menu and their Prices

Cakes and Gateux
Exotic Chocolate Forest Small₹477
Cuban Crunch₹524
Truffle Addiction₹382

Be a Chef @ 99 Pancakes
Chocolate Waffle₹96
Holland Pancakes₹124
Chocolate Holland Pancakes₹134
French Crepe₹134
Chocolate French Crepe₹143

Desserts and Pastries
Blueberrey Cheese Cake₹115
Chocolate Mousse₹96
Salted Caramel Cheesecake₹115
Strawberry Cream₹115

Holland Pancakes (12pc)
Holla Nutella₹182
Choco Banoffee₹172
Chocolate Lovely₹229
Maple Lady₹153
Crunchy Bubblegum Oreo₹191
Jelly Berry₹210
KitKat Mini Pancakes₹162
Rainbow Mini Pancakes Twelve pc₹162
Red Velvet Pancakes₹162
Milky Mania Pancakes₹172
Mini Mango Mania₹191
Red Riding Hood₹210

French Pancakes (crepes)
Bubblegum Oreo Crepe₹153
Indulge In Chocolate₹210
Nutella Forever₹191
Mango Mania₹210
Rainbow French Crepes₹172
Very Very Strawberry₹229

Let’s Waffle it up!
Crunchy Cappuccino₹114
Bubblegum Oreo Waffle₹142
Caramelized banana₹95
Chocolate Heaven₹95
Rainbow Waffle₹115
Creamy Strawberry₹142
KitKat Waffle₹142
M&Ms Surprise₹190
Mighty Mango Waffle₹142
Milky Way Waffle₹142
Red Velvet Waffle₹142
Naughty Nutella₹142
Oreo Thunder with Ice Cream₹114
Twix Twist₹190
XoXo Chocolate₹142

Deep Dish Pancakes
Mexican Paradise₹115
Mission Mushroom₹143
Tikka Hunger₹143

Thick shakes
Bubbleisious Oreo Shake (300 ml)₹191
Chocoholic Shake (300 ml)₹191
Crazy Nutella Shake (300 ml)₹191
Kit Kat Shake (300 ml)₹191
Magical Strawberry Shake (300 ml)₹191
The Great Mango King Kong (300 ml)₹191
Red Velvet Shake (300 ml)₹191
Oreo Shake (300 ml)₹284
The Great Mango King Kong₹258

Chocolates and Bar
Double Chocolate Bar₹310
Exotic Nuts Bar₹310

Pan offles
Veggie Panoffle₹96

Something Cool (300ml)
Cold Coffee₹115
Black Lemonade₹115
Green Apple Thunder Iced Tea₹134
Merry Berry Iced Tea₹134
Maddy Melon Iced Tea₹134
Peachy Affection Iced Tea₹134

Pro cakes
Blind Date₹239
Nothing Butter Than PB₹239
Show Me The Honey₹239
The Berry Best₹239
The Cereal Killer₹239

Epigamia Chocolate Spreads crafted by deepika padukone
Caramel Waffle₹115
Caramel Paradise 6pc₹124
Caramel Paradise₹172
Indulge in Caramel₹191
Indulge in Orange₹191
Orange Waffle₹115
Orange Paradise 6pc₹124
Orange Paradise₹172


99 Pancakes is an ideal spot for pancake lovers. 99 Pancakes has grabbed the hearts and tastes of its clients with a large range of tasty pancakes, mouthwatering cakes and with a wide variety of other bakery products. Warm smiles, excellent service, and the tantalising aroma of freshly baked food greet you the moment you walk through its doors.

Whether you are craving for a fluffy pancakes, a slice of divine cake or a delectable pastry. 99 Pancakes delivers on quality and taste that over expectations. So, if you’re looking for a delicious breakfast or a sweet pleasure, 99 Pancakes is the place to go for a wonderful experience.